April 9, 2011

Adriana Atema

Adriana Atema is an installation, painting and inter-active performance artist based in brooklyn. Her paintings and installations depict a moment of both flight and contemplation; stillness and movement. Animate objects and an infinite space between them create a freeing, inclusive joyfullness that includes a pain or danger, a time within a place. Atema reflects what the unconscious sees; with experiences from other times and places coloring the events of the present. Her imagination digests the cold with visions of spring green distances, just out of reach. Her installations create the possibility for play, discovery, and participation in encompassing fantastical environments. The Bruce paintings are done with Atema’s left and right hand at the same time, illustrating physically and symbolically the interconnectedness of the left and right brain, between the practical and creative, embodying the process as much as the product. You can see more of Adriana’s work on her website.

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