June 9, 2011

David Aronson
David Aronson is a Brooklyn Based Painter whose photographically inspired oil paintings exalt characters he interacts with on his urban gallivanting.

Exaltation has been called a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion; others define it by the elevation of a person to the status of a god. In this series, the artist explores both options in order to comment upon the subject’s elevation and the viewer’s emotional response. The portraits are about finding something to believe in. Painting has a grand legacy of representing figures of worship. Some choose to worship exalted figures, while others worship the feeling of exaltation. An organic selection process allows for a casual environment opening communication and revealing mutual understanding between artist and subject. These figures do not exist in a particular setting. They are an honest, yet biased interpretation of a physical manifestation of a soul chosen for exaltation.

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