June 9, 2011

Derek Gregory
Making art and finding peace from shattered remnants and pieces of the past best describes Derek Gregory’s walk through life..

Growing up a military brat and serving in the navy for 20 years offered a contrast of influences, places and experiences; coming home developed and became a practice of going within. When discovering and teaching himself stained glass in 2004 he found a quiet meditative peace and light in the contrasting cold, smooth, impartial glass. Never fully fitting into the rigid environment he’d been immersed within for over thirty years of his life, he drifted into non-traditional methods and materials and finding they expressed a more truthful inner sense of grittiness amidst the intensity of saturated experience.

Today a comprehensive union of bright refracted light through sharp shards, held outlined like punctuation by the concrete-like grout, fits well in the backdrop of New York City where the artist has decided to set down his roots for a while.

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