Oh Joon Kwon — Paint Works

August 1, 2011

I am interested in expressing moments that capture a person’s inner character; private moments that are hidden from the world. With this idea, I create images that contain a tension between light and dark; delving into what is unsettling, raw and deeply beautiful about each subject. I am investigating various psychological states, focusing on a single figure in each composition so as to maximize the images meaning and potency. My work involves capturing images of the places and objects that amplify the emotional state. I start my work when I want to record the sentiments evoked in person’s character. These representational pictures become objective traces for recollection. Both inner drive and external force are present in these images revealing some of what otherwise remains camouflaged from the outer world. The viewer is given a glimpse of something intensely personal about each subject, allowing them ever so briefly into the fragile eco-system of the subjects’ “self”.

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