Kate Raudenbush–The Longest Night

November 20, 2011

Kate Raudenbush is a sculptor and photographer who creates art as social dialogue. Mixing visual symbolism cross-culturally within human history and mythology, geometry and architecture, her art finds inspiration within the micro and macro viewpoints of our natural and manufactured worlds. She utilizes welded and laser-cut metal, acrylic, wood, mirror, sound and light to shape her designs into climbable, enveloping environments and sacred spaces that are given more meaning with each visitor’s participation. In this way, the artwork is not just an object to behold, but an experience to be lived.

Her work references and weaves together such diverse sources as sacred geometry, Hindu creation myth, Native American art, water, time, consciousness, Mayan architecture, d.n.a., computer circuitry, Buddhist symbolism, environmental sustainability, meditation, and self-empowerment. Her work’s motivating force is an endeavor to create Art that both questions and informs, includes and elevates, fostering an awareness of our environment and social issues that resonate the evolving conscience of our culture in physical form.

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