SPECTRUM – Colin Bowring and William Tucci at Gowanus Ballroom

August 23, 2014

SPECTRUM - Sound and Light at Gowanus Ballroom, August 15–23

SPECTRUM – A collaboration of light and sound from artists Colin Bowring and William Tucci

Gowanus Ballroom
August 15–23, 2014
Opening reception Friday, August 15, 7pm–1am

SPECTRUM is a light art exhibition by Colin Bowring, an emerging artist-scientist out of San Francisco. Known as the Wizard of Bartlett Street to his West Coast following, Bowring is making a name for himself with improvised optical experiments and light projections. SPECTRUM is his first foray into the Brooklyn art scene and he has come to Gowanus Ballroom to lay siege to the city and create guerrilla-style. Starting from scratch and working with whatever he finds, Bowring repurposes, barters, and liberates metal, mirrors, and glass to create his inventions of light.

The resourceful, makeshift nature of Bowring’s work embodies his belief that the physical is where it’s at. His work makes clear that light-based art is manifested most powerfully in the analog world—our physical environs—and not through computer generation or digital chicanery. The phenomena he is able to harness make visible a heady and potent art form. With each exploratory trial that the artist undertakes, physical and conceptual are merged as he makes real his fanciful imaginings.

SPECTRUM is a nod to the light investigations and optical wonderment of the past and a playful hope for what the future might offer. Behold one artist’s highly enhanced vision of the physical world and all that he believes we are truly meant to see.

SPECTRUM also features Sessions 1–5, a sound montage created by William Tucci in collaboration with metal workers. The composition is derived from an ongoing series of field recordings that reconstitute the cacophonic aural activities of people at work. A reimagined soundscape, Sessions takes tactile sounds of industrial productivity and recontextualizes these resonant properties of manufacturing into a futuristic sound environment reminiscent of early electronic sound synthesis pioneered by Leon Theremin and Robert Moog.

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