Borrowed Paths, Broken Rules

July 25, 2015

A new abstraction from Brooklyn and beyond, at the Gowanus Ballroom.


Julia Sinelnikova. "Changing Heart" (detail), 2015

Rule is a rule until broken. Borrowed Paths, Broken Rules seeks the locus of abstract art in 2015, and finds it on the periphery. Artists straddle once clear lines, experimenting through gesture, testing surface, pushing the boundaries of form. We find the abstract where we may not expect to, sprouting in the beds of other isms. From diverse histories, artists plot new paths, mapping an abstract journey.


Miya Ando
Ron Gorchov
Sophie Hirsch
Julia Sinelnikova
Tony Toscani
Lala Abaddon
Tom Otterness
Nyssa Frank
Serban Ionescu
Alex Nero
Olga Sophie Kauppinen
James English Leary
Richard Berardino
Jeanne Liotta
Peter Missing

Alex Nero. "Day 205", 2013

Alessandra Norman
Max Galyon
Adehla Lee
Sam Sieger
Zahra Nazari

Christian Ruiz Berman
Ewelina Bochenska
Emily Kiacz
Evan Peelle
Bruno Smith
Shura Skaya


Curated by George Sferra, Josh Young, Evan Peelle, and Jonah Emerson-Bell.

Performance schedule:
Saturday, July 25th
Panoply Performance Lab
7:00pm - Will McEvoy’s Curriculum Quextet
8:00pm - Pendulum Swings
9:00pm - Matthew Silver
9:30pm - Pendulum Swings
10:30pm - Platnumb Hits
11:30pm - Outlaw Ritual

Saturday, August 1st
9:00pm - Big Vocano
10:00pm - Morgan O’Kane
11:00pm - Banji

July 25th–August 1

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