Abby Hertz

Abby Hertz (stage name Lady C) is a visual and performance artist living in Brooklyn. Her paintings and drawings have been shown in several group shows in Manhattan and Brooklyn, including Causey Contemporary Gallery in Williamsburg.

She performs fire all over the world with her husband Flambeaux and their fire arts company Flambeaux Fire. Some of their clients have included The Alexander Calder Estate, Lola Schnabel, and the Detroit Institute of Art.

Photo credits: Alex Erisoty & Saad Kahn

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Matthew Robinson

Originally from Connecticut, lives in Clinton Hill. “I construct mixed media paintings of weathered industrial environments. These environments represent formalism, de-evolution, and post-industry. They suggest a misconception of ‘progress’, circular human behavior and a denial of history. The paintings document realities in-between the past and present. The result appears futuristic and acknowledges entropy of all things physical.” You can see more on his website.

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Amy Consolo

Amy is a New York based illustrator and fine artist whose combined mastery at manipulating perspective to create unreal but incredible spaces, and unnerving fascination with the macabre, enable her to create stunningly intricate (but somehow adorable?) nightmare worlds that are impossible to look away from. Featured in this show is a new large scale drawing, a 6 foot piece inked almost entirely in micron pens so that no detail, no matter how minuscule, is overlooked. Amy graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2007 with a BFA in Illustration. More of her work can be seen at

Details from “The Boogey Man” below…

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Matt Allison

Before Matt came to New York, he spent the his life navigating northward through the great state of Florida. Amid the suburban sprawl and tropical landscapes, he was fortunate enough to attend Ringling College of Art and Design, co found an alternative gallery space named Opaq with his wife Kathryn, complete a 3 month residency at Nullspace Gallery and surround himself with tons of creative types for whom “doing it yourself” is simply a fact of life. He describes his work as “perfectionistically ramshackle” and counts experimentation, improvisation, and collaboration as the key tools of his trade. Currently Matt himself amid another vibrant community in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn where he spends his days making art and his nights cooking for his friends and family. You can see more of his work on his website.

(The photos of the installation are by Jeanne Ciasullo and the profile picture is by Corry Arnold)

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The Objectionists
The Objectionists are a interdisciplinary collective out of Brooklyn NY. Working in the realms of Architecture, installation, film, drawing and other mediums. Founded by Serban Ionescu, Jim Dreitlein and Justin Smith in 2008. Working with themes such as community and identity of spaces, supplied by found objects and salvaged materials. The Objectionists were featured in the 2010 Art + Architecture show and will be returning to the Gowanus Ballroom for the Art + Architecture 2011 show. The Objectionists will exhibit a large suspended installation dealing with the theme and proposal of a fleeting City type, and how fears, smiles and windows can tell us about ourselves. This is all part of the ongoing installations ‘Full City, Migrant City and Object City’, where large zeppelins clash, air raids are common, carriages stall, and chairs give us no rest. You can see more at and

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Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels
Serra is an installation artist and maker-doer based in Brooklyn. Ideally she would like to be a surgeon and a master gardener and run a revolutionary educational system, while also researching something completely obscure in a country most forgot existed and voraciously collecting dying artisan techniques while constructing an idealized ruinous city out of old rusty things and lace. Given that no one will let her close to them with a scalpel and she makes plants die, thus far she has been sticking to making things. Born in the valley of the Appalachians in Tennessee, SVBF studied social psychology at Stanford University and researched how socially constructed situations both cause and resolve mass conflict, learned metalsmithing and traditional blacksmithing at the Appalachian Center for Craft, and studied sculpture at Columbia University.

More about her work…

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Adriana Atema

Adriana Atema is an installation, painting and inter-active performance artist based in brooklyn. Her paintings and installations depict a moment of both flight and contemplation; stillness and movement. Animate objects and an infinite space between them create a freeing, inclusive joyfullness that includes a pain or danger, a time within a place. Atema reflects what the unconscious sees; with experiences from other times and places coloring the events of the present. Her imagination digests the cold with visions of spring green distances, just out of reach. Her installations create the possibility for play, discovery, and participation in encompassing fantastical environments. The Bruce paintings are done with Atema’s left and right hand at the same time, illustrating physically and symbolically the interconnectedness of the left and right brain, between the practical and creative, embodying the process as much as the product. You can see more of Adriana’s work on her website.

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Aimee Bonamie
Aimee Bonamie touches on ideas of class, culture and identities in her work, creating a dialogue within her photographs that allows a view of intersecting cultures. The photographs she has included in the 2011 Art + Architecture Show are part of a series called Readdressing the Classics, in which she construct intersections between modern culture and classical art to examine iconography and meaning in art..

Bonamie was born in December 1977 in Saginaw, Michigan but was raised in a small town in central Florida. She currently resides and works in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She received her BFA in Photography at University of Florida and is currently enrolled at CUNY Hunter for her MFA in Combined Media. More of her work can be found at

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Andrew Schrock

Andrew Schrock; artist currently hailing from New Orleans surrounds himself with a whirlwind of inspiration, excitement, love, and creativity. Long since choosing the path of a maker of things, following the dreams he extracts from said world. He lets chance and the unknown drive many aspects of his life and process, currently he is developing a unique method of exploring an object’s unexpressed beauty. He reveals such allure from his work by destroying them in a manner that the piece dictates the outcome. This technique is realized by expanding hollow spaces with various means, from fire hydrant pressure to explosions. He will be demonstrating this manifestation of intrinsic elegance through performance at Gowanus’ Spring 2011 show. You can see more of Andrew’s work on his website.

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Ben Wolf

Ben Wolf (b. 1983, Nashville) is a Brooklyn-based sculptor whose abstract assemblages and installations express the “decadence of abandonment” in architectural materials including rotten boards, rusted stair wells, peeling paint and other found and salvaged objects. Wolf often works on a large scale, taking over and reconfiguring entire lost buildings and towns. He received a B.F.A. from Pratt Institute in 2005 and in 2008 received a Brooklyn Arts Council grant for public art works and a residency with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC). In 2010 Wolf participated in a Power House Productions group residency in Detroit, constructing a massive sculptural work from the remnants of forgotten homes. An avid traveler, Wolf has produced and exhibited projects in Australia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland, as well as throughout the U.S. You can see more of Ben’s work on his website.

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Part street art, part combined media, part found object, part brush, part lens, Brian Whiteley is always bold. A self proclaimed Brooklyn based “Urban Art Assasin”. Just what does that mean? Think ideas beginning in the streets and manifesting themselves into night lights, animal masks, and mobiles. Think subversive pop. Think re-assemblage.

Since his arrival in NY in 2007, his work has been shown in The New York Times, Time Out NY, featured at SPIN and RayBan events and numerous online publications. Gallery shows at Bond Street Gallery, 220 Gallery, The Affordable Art Fair, The Urban Arts Festival, and The Brooklyn Artillery just to name a few.

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Christina Kelly

Christina Kelly is a Brooklyn based visual artist and film editor. She’s edited four feature films and was the assistant editor on the critically acclaimed films Man Push Cart and Chop Shop. Recently exhibited work includes “Pay Dirt: Transforming the Economy (2009) and Huck on the Gowanus (2010). Her 2010 public art project “Maize Field” was funded by the DOT Urban Art Program, DCA and NYSCA Tier grants. She was most recently an LMCC Swing Space artist in residence on Governors Island.

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ChunkLundt is a two woman artist team. They have brought parallel dimensions to Brooklyn and ruined their lives in the process which makes it impossible to partake in the everyday enterprises of accepted earth dwelling social norms. Wait! where is the worm hole? Since they released the Ancient Ones from hiding there is no stopping them.

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Domestic Construction

That sound of scissors cutting through thick paper. The smell of the glue and feel of the fabric. Design that embraces the senses and, above all, sticks in the mind. That moment, the conception of an idea destined for fully realized fruition. Spaces filled with visual music and left changed by the existence of two artists: Trish Andersen and Maureen Walsh. They are Domestic Construction and they live for the process. Always working, always living for the sound of scissors cutting through thick paper.

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Douglas Draper

Douglas E. Draper Jr. is an award-winning artist from Salisbury, Maryland. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute, College of Art and his work has been exhibited throughout Baltimore, Annapolis, New York City and various other cities and galleries. His fine art and illustrative work can be seen from such publishers as Moonstone Books, Top Shelf Publishing, Desperado Publishing, IDW Publishing, and many others. More of Draper’s work can be found on his official website at

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