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Click here to purchase tickets for the Urban Omnibus Block Party 2014, a benefit event celebrating the first five years of The Architectural League’s online publication dedicated to defining the culture of citymaking.

This year’s event will take place at The Gowanus Ballroom, a metalworking shop by day and creative exhibition space by night located in a Civil War-era factory in the Gowanus Industrial Arts Complex. Five years ago, when the site first launched, the Omnibus team was headquartered in Gowanus at the Old American Can Factory. We have long since joined the rest of our League colleagues in Soho, but we are excited to return to the neighborhood we once called home for our fifth birthday celebration. A projection installation produced in collaboration with Nuit Blanche New York will illuminate the space. And we’ll be serving food from New York’s own Dinosaur BBQ, birthday pie from Greenpoint’s Pie Corps, beer from Queens-based Finback Brewery, and wine from Bottlerocket.

Come help us celebrate this significant milestone. Buy your tickets today and we’ll see you on Friday, March 14th!

Urban Omnibus Block Party 2014
Celebrating Five Years
Friday, March 14, 2014

The Gowanus Ballroom
55 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY
Tickets start at $50

Projection installation in collaboration with Nuit Blanche New York
Food by Dinosaur BBQ and Pie Corps
Drinks from Finback Brewery and Bottlerocket

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This Particular Patch

February 2, 2014

Once you’ve become a part of this particular
patch, you’ll never love another. Like loving a
woman with a broken nose, you may well find
lovelier lovelies, but never a lovely so real.

                                                                                  – Nelson Algren

The Gowanus Ballroom is pleased to present:

This Particular Patch
January 17 – February 2nd

Works by:

Isak Applin
Carl Baratta
Lauren Ball
Jonah Emerson-Bell
Nathan Carder
Mariano Chavez
Karolina Gnatowski
Serban Ionescu
Michael Kaysen
Drew Maillard
Eamon Monaghan
Keegan Monaghan
Pedro Munoz
Max Reinhardt
Dan Schank
Mindy Rose Schwartz
Oli Watt
Zack Wirsum

Performances by:

Matthew Silver, The Great Performer
Ross Moreno
Morgan O’kane

Curated by:

Lucas Bucholtz


This Particular Patch is an exhibition featuring some of the most exciting painters, printmakers, and sculptors currently working in Chicago and Brooklyn. Continuing a strong tradition honed in Chicago, these artists approach their work with a deep knowledge of their medium’s history, a great sense of craft, and a sharp sense of humor. TPP is significant because the project links these artists to those in this city who work in these same modes. Some of the New Yorkers have lived or studied in Chicago, the rest are acutely aware of the impact Chicago has had on their practice. All of these artists play freely within the old-line categories of High and Low; in a sense “workin’ from one end to the other and all points in between.”(Gibbons, et al). TPP suggests that great art need not always be serious to be taken seriously.

TPP evolved out of the collaborative installation Ghosts Don’t Burn held at SideCar Gallery in Hammond, Indiana during the fall of 2013. GDB drew its inspiration from Chicago artist Ivan Albrightand his treatment of religious themes in The Temptation of St. Anthony. Nearly two years in the making, GDB played with ideas of seduction, opulence, obsession, repulsion, and resignation, not only as they relate to St. Anthony, but to the artists’ practice as well.

When St. Anthony removed himself to the desert, he erroneously thought that in doing so he could rid himself of the temptations of the outside world. But if temptation returns again and again, it implies that such enticements are actually the expression of one’s inner desires. It follows that one’s desire to do good is also intrinsic. To do good, one must make good. Once the artist realizes that the promise of a richer life elsewhere is an illusion, he or she must resolve to make good right where they are. It takes a certain kind to stay and make in this place, to deny the fantastical temptations of a something, inherently better, always luring…

This Particular Patch picks up where Ghosts Don’t Burn left off, examining temptation and each artist’s decision to live/work/make where they do. Be it Chicago, Eerie, or Gowanus, these artists live and make in these particular patches for particular reasons. Does place inform the artist, or does place simply attract a certain kind? Both SideCar and The Gowanus Ballroom have reputations as places that don’t conform to the white cube model of display, participation, or viewership. Both attract artists who share certain values about art and making. It is no wonder that I gravitated to the Gowanus Ballroom when I moved here from Chicago a little over a year ago.

- Lucas Bucholtz

Recent press:
Carl Baratta interview with Bad at Sports
Lauren Ball in New City Art

Karolina Gnatowski in Hyperallergic
Oli Watt in The Visualist

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The Gowanus Ballroom kicked off the Gowanus Open Studios weekend in style with a gala celebration, stunts, and HONK NYC extravaganza. Visitors met the GOS participating artists before they opened their studios, got a jump start on a weekend of great art, viewing work by some of the Gowanus Ballroom’s favorite artists, and danced the night away to an amazing lineup of brass bands from HONK NYC.

Featured artists:
Adehla Lee
Duke Riley
Tony Toscani
Cecilia Rembert
Serban Ionescu
Jeff Elliott
Meg Wachter Matthew William Robinson
Kristin Kunc
David Aronson
TJ Volonis
Natalie Rae Good
Adrian Landon
Ethan Spigland

Music by:
Os Siderais
Environmental Encroachment
Perhaps Contraption
PitchBlak Brass Band
Veveritse Brass Band

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The Gowanus Ballroom proudly hosted a 1920s themed benefit to celebrate the completion of Phase 1 of Douglass-Greene Park’s renovation on its Third Avenue side and highlight ongoing advocacy and development of this vital and multi-faceted public park located on a full city block between 3rd Avenue and Nevins Street, and Douglass and DeGraw Streets in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Featured musical performances by MICHAEL ARENELLA QUINTET, Riva Nyri Precil and band, DJ Leaf. Sponsored by Presenting Sponsor: National Grid, Usher’s New Look Foundation; Event Sponsor: Boerum Hill Association; Sponsor: Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott New York Brooklyn, Brooklyn Boulders, Homage Brooklyn; Partners: La Flor Del Paraiso, Runner & Stone, Madiba Restaurant, Sahadi’s, Atsby Vermouth. Additional thanks to: Littleneck, Betty Bakery, Waterfront Ale House, LoveNyri Jewelry, Corcoran. A very special thanks to Hope Davis.

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Venus Square Mars

September 28, 2013

The Gowanus Ballroom welcomed the cool fall weather with a fantastic night of music curated by Hektor Fontanez of Twi The Humble Feather.

The Celestial Heavy Weights were up to their antagonizing ways again. Super Natural weapons knocked us from the serenity of our lotus position. We chanted in our makeshift temple with static tongues, our calm crew of inspired mortals, sending out cryptic messages into the past-present-future. This was a peace offering…

Featured performances:

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The Gowanus Ballroom proudly presented an amazing array of performance art. Artists from all over the world descended on Brooklyn and transformed the Ballroom with zany and vaguely inappropriate interruptions, happily forced interactions, and transcendent performances that didn’t disappoint. An action packed night of theatrics overtook the Gowanus Ballroom as never before seen!

Two of our favorite performance artists, Matthew Silver and Esther Neff, joined forces to curate The Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival (BIPAF), a mass performance happening July 4–28 at venues throughout Brooklyn. Performance artists, curators, critics, gallery directors, cultural organizers, and many others worked together to perform a festival, framing the organization and the festival itself as a work of constructive institutional critique. We were pleased to support this groundbreaking series with an iteration at the Gowanus Ballroom.

Featured performances:
Rob Andrews
Sherry Aliberti/CocoonNYC
Dhira Rauch
Whitney V. Hunter
Caridad Sola
Miao Jiaxin
Geraldo Mercado
Courtney Leigh Novak
Ivy Castellanos
Maria Hupfield
Hilary Sand
Sylva Dean
Sophia Cleary
Felix Morelo
Genevieve White
Matthew Silver
Hiroshi Shafer
Curated by Matthew Silver, Esther Neff, and other participating artists.

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Extra Action Marching BandThe post-Mermaid Parade hang you always wanted to attend. Sara Valentine’s Voluption and the Gowanus Ballroom hosted a delectably conjured evening of beguiling and curious entertainment.

Featured very special musical guests: Extra Action Marching Band, Vic Thrill, Flying Teeth, Brute Force, Donkee. Additional entertainment  by Master of Ceremonies and Sea Shanty Chanteur Ben Cerf, aerial by Liron Dan and Sandia Delavibora, performance art by Matthew Silver, aquatic soundtrack by DJ Steve Pagan, Bklyn Hooper Celia K and Friends, plus: a screening of Extra Action Marching Band’s short film, “The Burning Wigs of Sedition,” a story of wealth redistribution on the high seas.

Guests helped themselves to roast pig cooked on Gowanus Ballroom’s own spit, cooled down in the wading pool, rode Ben Cerf’s art bikes, “Pirates of the Broadway,” struted homemade fins and finery in the fashion show and costume contest, hosted by Editrix Abby, delighted in the tricks of magician Solomon, and of course, danced their socks off until the wee hours. An amazing night to remember.

Extra Action Marching Band:
Vic Thrill:
Flying Teeth:
Brute Force:
Matthew Silver:
DJ Steve Pagan:

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Integrated Visions (Bryan Dodson, Brian Blessinger, and Michelle Dodson) and Carolyn Devlin-Antuna joined forces to curate a groundbreaking exhibition of projection mapping, video, active paintings, sculptures, and installations at the Gowanus Ballroom that coincided with the Frieze Art Fair at Randall’s Island, New York.

Integrated Visions describes their work as embracing “the technique of our age. Projection mapping utilizes specialized software to create a projected image that perfectly fits any desired surface. When done right, the result is magical.” This extraordinary exhibition transformed the Gowanus Ballroom, filling it with shimmering light and the energy of movement.

Form and Substance: Projection Mapping in Contemporary Art. Spring 2013 from Integrated Visions Productions on Vimeo.

Featured artists:
Adam Dare
Bryan & Michelle Dodson // Integrated Visions
Christina Graf
Claudio Sinatti
Davy & Kristin McGuire
Domingo Zapata
Jessica Angel
Joanie Lemercier // AntiVJ
Joel Fitzpatrick
John Ensor Parker
Kris Davidson
Laura Ramirez // Optika
Red Paper Heart
Robert Seidel
Simon Anaya
Sougwen Chung

FORM and SUBSTANCE was made possible in part by Integrated Visions Productions, DWP Live, Mister Artsee, the Gowanus Ballroom, Flavorpill, At Large LLC, Joel Fitzpatrick, PercussionLab, Dassara Ramen, and RamenWerk.

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The Gowanus Ballroom proudly supported PS 32, hosting the First Annual PTA Silent Auction. This adults only fundraising evening of fun, food, drinks, and music, brought guests together to bid on dozens of amazing items—including dinners out, salon services, artwork for the home, kids classes, and much, much more. Revenues for the PTA totaled over $20,000!

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Brooklyn Skillshare

April 27, 2013

The Brooklyn Skillshare is a community-based, community-led, and community-building learning event organized and taught by Brooklyn residents. The Gowanus Ballroom proudly hosted the 2013 iteration of the skillshare, featuring a wide range of classes including Japanese bookbinding, basics of lacto-fermentation, bike mechanics 101, Indian cooking – classic curries, beer styles and flavors, and much more.

The Skillshare was sponsored by Bitter & Esthers homebrew shop in Prospect Heights.

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The Brooklyn Free Clinic partnered with the Gowanus Ballroom to host a free, day-long TedMed Live conference. The conference, an official satellite of the TEDMED event hosted in Washington, DC, featured live speakers presenting unique solutions to the challenges currently facing healthcare professionals and the patients they serve. Topics explored included How medical education and communication impact the future of our healthcare system, how access to healthcare is changing and how will it affect medicine, and how technology is changing the healthcare experience.

The Brooklyn Free Clinic is a student run organization providing free healthcare to the uninsured in Brooklyn. Volunteers are students and physicians from the SUNY Downstate College of Medicine, College of Health Related Professions, College of Nursing, and School of Public Health.

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The National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park South
New York, NY 10003
National Arts Club

"Hotel" by Alex Kanevsky

Gowanus Ballroom resident curators Kristin Kunc and Courtney Jordan organized an exhibition at the National Arts Club. Body Politic upset the status quo of figurative art by showing the unexpected, peculiar, haunting, and carnal interpretations of the human body.

Featured new paintings by more than twenty established and emerging artists:
Larissa Bates
Sarah Berez
Margaret Bowland
Saskia Ozol Eubanks
Christian Fagerlund
Renee Foulks
Robyn Frank
Jane LaFarge Hamill
Alex Kanevsky
Steve Ketchum
Oh Joon B. Kwon
Jerome Lagarrigue
Allison MaletzNat Meade
Jenny Morgan
Jeff Muhs
Ethan Murrow
Reuben Negron
Scott Noel
Tim Okamura
Holly Ann Sailors
Melanie Vote

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Nowhere Magazine Launch

February 9, 2013

Nowhere Magazine invaded the Gowanus Ballroom with Airplanes, art installations, virtual story projections, a fake fashion shoot photo booth, dancing, and killer bands to celebrate the relaunch of the new whacky, wild, literary travel magazine, Nowhere!

Featured performers included San Fran guitar hero Freddi Price, Jersey indie motown badasses, The One and Nines, and an extended DJ set by Barney Iller.

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Cirque de Idiotarod

January 26, 2013 Emergency Racing Agency

The legendary Idiotarod race found its way to Gowanus where racers came in from the cold and warmed their race-weary selves with an amazing celebration. This event helped keep the Gowanus Ballroom on its feet as we continued our recovery from hurricane Sandy.

Racers were welcomed home by amazing performers including Hungry March Band, Morgan O’Kane, Imaginary Weapons, Big Volcano, Matthew Silver the Great Performer, Universe, Sullied Accolades, Charming Disaster, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Doc Adventure, Flambeaux Fire, and more friends and familiar faces.

To show our solidarity with others hit hard by the storm, we collected donations of bottled water, cleaning supplies, canned goods and other non-perishables to support recovery efforts in the Rockaways, organized by the Rockaway Renagades.

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Save Gowanus Ballroom Fundraiser, photo courtesy of Eric Harvey Brown

In the wake of hurricane Sandy, we walked out of the Gowanus Ballroom exhausted from a long night fighting what had become a losing battle in a state of complete defeat. As we crossed the bridge to get a cup of coffee, we saw a gang box full of our tools floating under the bridge out into the bay. The canal was littered with Serett and Gowanus Ballroom’s internal working parts. Exhausted from the fight, we were too beat to try to throw a rope on the box to save a few thousand dollars worth of tools. We had to let it go and look for a cup of coffee instead. It was such a small aspect of the whole situation. With no insurance and no power, we relied on the helping hands of friends and people who love this place to make clean-up a reality.

To help jump-start our recovery, we teamed up with FlutuArte to host a fundraiser to benefit both organizations. We owe a special thanks to everyone who helped get us through the tough times after the storm’s destruction of our neighborhood and home.

FlutuArte brought together artists from all over the world to refurbish and decorate family owned fishing boats in a small community of fisherman and their families near Rio de Janeiro. In Brooklyn, artists recreated the project with replicas of fishing boats and extensive documentation of the original project.

FlutuAndo from Maxine Nienow on Vimeo.

Entertainment for the evening provided by Sweet Soubrette, Big Volcano, ON, Shayfer James and Sara Zar, Will McEvoy, Apocalypse Five and Dime, Hungry March Band, Pendulum Swings, Matthew Silver, the Great Performer, Consumata, Morgan O’Kane, Flambeaux Fire, aerialists Dana Abrasssart, Juanita Cardenas, Francis Stalling, Preeya Bhajandas, Kae Burke, Rachel Hsiung, Sara Jordan, and Lisa Natoli, stilting performances by Justin Aubuchon, Christine Geiger, Dana Abrassart, and Maxine Nienow, life-size boat installations by Benoit Verbeke, aquatic paintings by Browning Kay, live painting by FlutuArtists Nicolina and Maxine, collaborative live art by the Free Art Society, with Walker Fee, Pérola M. Bonfanti, and Zorrilla Monsoon. visuals by Adam Weinberg, video by Pérola M. Bonfanti, and Maxine Nienow, and face painting by Piyali Banerjie.


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