Are Vokey wedges supposed to rust?

Are Vokey wedges supposed to rust?

The Titleist Vokey Design SM8 wedges are available in four finishes: Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, Jet Black and Raw finish. The Jet Black will rust as the dark finish wears, while the Raw wedges will rust more quickly with exposure to air and moisture.

What is a trusty rusty?

The “Trusty Rusty” has a triple bounce sole grind for maximum versatility. The shape is a little more on the round side with a little offset/goose-neck to the hosel.

Does a rusty wedges spin more?

No Raw wedges are popular on tour – often for their low glare characteristics, and many average golfers choose raw wedges because of the perception that rust adds spin. It doesn’t.

Do Vokey jet black wedges rust?

*Jet Black wedges are raw and will show rust over time.

How long do Rusty wedges last?

Ger21: “Raw steel is softer than chrome plating, so raw wedges will scratch and scuff more than chrome, and potentially wear faster. But if you keep them clean, you should easily get 10 years or more out of them at 12 rounds/year. If you don’t want them to rust, clean and oil them after each round.”

Does Vokey SM8 rust?

This wedge will rust and is for the player looking for a raw wedge that will wear with play.

Does jet black Vokey rust?

The SM8 Jet Black all black setup is available online or in golf shops. *Jet Black wedges are raw and will show rust over time.

Which Cleveland wedges rust?

Cleveland Tour Action 588 RTG wedge. The raw finish on the 8620 carbon steel creates increased spin and will rust for a unique non-glare look. The unique tour grind to the heel and toe areas of the sole promotes more versatility for better players.

What is a tri bounce wedge?

The laser precision technology allows for maximum spin so you can put your shots right up on the green. The Tri-Bounce sole with rear scallop lets you make flop shots from various distances. This outstanding design enables you to receive three bounces in one grind.

Does Vokey SM8 brushed steel rust?

How long has the Trusty Rusty wedge been around?

– Cobra Trusty Rusty Wedge “It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since the original Trusty Rusty wedge enjoyed a cult like following among Cobra enthusiasts. Our readers have shared stories reliving their love for the Trusty Rusty, and expressing the regret they feel over parting with it.

What kind of finish does Trusty Rusty have?

Designed to Rust – The Trusty Rusty is available in 3 finishes; Satin w/pre-rusted face, Black PVD, and Rust. All three are designed to wear and rust giving the Trusty Rusty the look its known for.

Is the Cobra Trusty Rusty a bad wedge?

While there’s nothing in the numbers to suggest the Cobra Trusty Rusty is a bad wedge, our accuracy and spin numbers suggest golfers probably have better options for pure performance. We say this with the caveat that we tested clean wedges.

How good is forgiveness on the Trusty Rusty?

Forgiveness is in the eye of the beholder, but in general our testers found the Trusty Rusty to be above average where forgiveness is concerned (further bolstering the notion that the Trusty could be considered a game improvement wedge). Looking at our range map, it’s hard not to take notice of how straight our test shots flew.