Can hedgehogs have wood bedding?

Can hedgehogs have wood bedding?

Shredded paper, newspaper or recycled pelleted/absorbable material or wood shavings (such as aspen or pine) make fine bedding. Avoid corncobs, dusty shavings or cedar shavings, as they can be irritating.

What bedding works best for hedgehogs?

Living World Pine Shavings — Best Value Wood shavings are one of the most simple and economical types of pet beddings. These pine shavings from Living World are 100% natural and safe for your hedgehog. They’re kiln-dried to eliminate oils, dust, and debris, which results in very low-dust bedding.

What wood shavings are safe for hedgehogs?

Aspen shavings: Aspen is a fine wood shaving. 1 Many owners enjoy the absorbency and aroma it offers in addition to how inexpensive it is. The downsides to aspen are most notably the dustiness and the fact that it seems to stick to everything, such as your hedgehog’s blankets.

Can hedgehog use wood pellets?

Wood Pellet (4%) Wood pellets used for hedgehog litter are much easier to use than wood shavings. They have good odor control and great absorbency too. Clean up is comparable to paper pellet, so you likely won’t go wrong here.

How deep should hedgehog bedding be?

Put enough in the cage Having enough bedding is also very important if you want your hedgehog to be comfortable when walking around in its cage. The ideal range of thickness you’ll want to aim for us 2-3 inches. Having enough bedding is also important for enrichment and allows your hedgehog to burrow effectively.

Should I put bedding in my hedgehog house?

Hedgehogs will make their own nests from materials in the surrounding environment so the best thing to do is ensure there are plenty of leaves near to the box. You can also put bedding inside the box to give them a head start, such as leaves, straw or hay.

Can hedgehogs use cat litter as bedding?

Non-clumping, clay kitty litter is a relatively popular substrate for litter pans. Some hedgehog enthusiasts recommend against using any clay litters for fear the dust can cause respiratory illnesses. Many owners prefer dust-free litter, but some find that their hedgehogs enjoy rolling in the litter like a dust bath.

What do you put on the bottom of a hedgehog cage?

A thick layer of bedding, fleece pieces, snuggle sacks are good items for a hedgehog to cuddle up in. The ambient room temp should be no lower than 72 degrees; Pet Warming Pad under a corner of the cage are fine so they can get up against it or away from it if needed.

How do you keep a hedgehog cage from smelling?

Litter training your hedgehog can help reduce smells in the cage by concentrating the area that you need to clean. Litter training will minimize the smell of the cage; some find that litter training eliminates the scent.

Do hedgehogs sleep in the same place?

During the day, and during winter hibernation, the hedgehog will sleep in a specially built nest in thick undergrowth, under a shed, in piles of leaves or unlit bonfires. It will never sleep or hibernate outside a nest.

What do you put inside a hedgehog house?

Whether you make your own or buy one, fill the chamber of your hedgehog home with a layer of dead, dry leaves. Hedgehogs prefer small leaves such as birch, oak, hawthorn or hazel. Then screw the roof to the box so that you can remove it in future to clean the box out.

What do you put at the bottom of a hedgehog cage?

What are the best toys for hedgehogs?

Wooden Tunnel Tubes. Tunnel tubes are great fun for hedgies.

  • Barrel Roller. Barrel roller toys are usually made from wood.
  • Knot Nibbler. Does your hedgehog chew on things?
  • Play Bridge. When you buy a play bridge,you need to be careful with its dimensions.
  • Hideout Toys. Most hideout toys are great for hedgehogs.
  • What are the bedding choices for hedgehogs?

    Kaytee Soft Granule Blend – Small little pellets are characteristic of this wood fiber bedding. They are very absorbent and softer than other wood options.

  • Aspen shavings: Aspen is a fine wood shaving.
  • Pine shavings: This is a classic small pet bedding but is not good for most small pets.
  • What kind of bedding should I use for my Hedgehog?

    Fleece: Almost any type of fabric such flannel,corduroy,and fleece make for some of the best kind of hedgehog bedding when setting up your hedgehog cage.

  • Aspen: For those who are hard headed on using a wood base type of bedding,then I recommend trying out Aspen shavings.
  • Paper Bedding: There is quite a variety of paper bedding out on the market.
  • What do hedgehogs need in a cage?


  • Food&Water
  • Exercise Wheel
  • Hiding Area
  • Toys
  • Thermometer (outside,next to the cage)
  • Litter Area