How can I get my PAN Acknowledgement number?

How can I get my PAN Acknowledgement number?

One who applies for a new PAN card or requests for a change in the existing PAN card can find the acknowledgement number on the PAN acknowledgement slip or PAN acknowledgement form provided. After one applies online, an acknowledgement slip is sent to the email provided by the individual on the application form.

How can I know my PAN card no Acknowledgement number?

How to check PAN card Status without an Acknowledgement Number?

  1. Visit the official TIN-NSDL portal.
  2. Select “PAN – New/Change Request” in the Application Type section.
  3. Select the Name section to check PAN card status without acknowledgement number.
  4. Enter your Last Name, First Name, Middle Name and Date of Birth.

How can I get PAN Acknowledgement number by SMS?

The applicant can send an SMS to 3030 with a message containing the word PAN followed by a space and the 15-digit acknowledgement number provided at the time of submission of application i.e., PAN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER (e.g., PAN 123456789012345 this is an illustrative acknowledgement number.

Where can I find my PAN card details?

Visit to Enter your account and click on “My Account”. Go to Profile Settings and click on PAN Details. Your details will be generated. You will receive the name, area code, jurisdiction, address and other information.

How can I download PAN Acknowledgement receipt?

Download PAN Card with Acknowledgement Number

  1. Navigate to the NSDL Pan site and enter the acknowledgment number.
  2. Enter the Acknowledgement number and your birth date in MM and YYYY format.
  3. Then input your cell phone number and email address, and then click the ‘Generate OTP’ button.

What is Acknowledgement number in PAN card?

Pan Card Acknowledgement Number. The Pan Card Acknowledgement Number is a 15-digit number which a person receives after applying for Pan Card either via NSDL or UTIITSL. When Pan application is submitted through NSDL a 15 digit acknowledgement number is generated.

Can I Find name By PAN number?

Hence to conclude currently there is only one way to check exact name on your PAN which matches with Income Tax Department records. Kindly Refer to Privacy Policy & Complete Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

What is an Acknowledgement number?

The acknowledgement number is a unique 15-digit number which is generated and assigned to each individual or entity who has submitted a PAN application. An acknowledgement slip is sent to the registered e-mail Id of the applicant which shows the 15-digit acknowledgement number.

How do I find my Acknowledgement number?

If you apply for a new Pan Card or apply to change any data in the existing Pan Database, the acknowledgement number can be found in Pan Acknowledgement sheet or on the Pan Acknowledgement form that has been provided to you.

How can I check my PAN card details online?

You need to visit- . You will be redirected to a page showcasing ‘Verify Your PAN’. After landing on the page, you need to fill in details like PAN Card number, full name, date of birth, status, captcha code.