How do I study for the AMA CMA exam?

How do I study for the AMA CMA exam?

Here are some important study tips:

  1. Know the Exam Topics. A complete outline of the CMA certification exam is available on the AAMA website.
  2. Schedule Study Times. Schedule set times each week to study for the CMA exam.
  3. Take CMA Practice Tests.
  4. Take a CMA Exam Review Course.

What is a passing score on the AAMA exam?

The minimum passing score (MPS) is 430. Thus, you will need to obtain a score of 430 or more to pass the examination. The AAMA Certifying Board may change this minimum required proficiency level as deemed appropriate.

How many times can you take the AAMA exam?

Candidates can take the CMA exam up to three times for their initial certification.

What is a perfect score on the AAMA CMA exam?

What’s the Highest Score on the CMA Exam? The CMA exam is scored from 0-500. 500 would be a perfect score. You must get a 360 in order to pass.

What is the highest score you can get on the AAMA exam?

How many questions are on the CMA AAMA exam?

The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions administered in four 40-minute segments. CMA (AAMA) Exam Practice Tutorial | Completing the American Association of Medical Assistants Computer-Based Testing Tutorial prepares CMA (AAMA) exam candidates for what to expect when taking the exam at the testing site.

How long is AAMA certification good for?

every 60 months
To better ensure continuing competency and knowledge and thus better protect patients, CMAs (AAMA) are required to recertify every 60 months.

What is a good score on the CCMA exam?

The computerized CCMA exam is a pass/fail exam with a range of possible scaled scores from 200 to 500. Scores across all forms of the CCMA examination are equated and are directly comparable. A score of 390 or higher is considered pass score.