How do I use SoapUI?

How do I use SoapUI?

  1. 1.1. Create a SOAP Project. In the Navigator, which is in the left part of the SoapUI window, right-click Projects and select New SOAP Project. The New SOAP Project dialog will appear.
  2. 1.2. Add a WSDL File. In SoapUI, the SOAP projects mostly use WSDL services as a primary resource.

How do I run a test in SoapUI?

The step-by-step guide:

  1. Expand the web service in the project tree and select the request:
  2. In the request editor, select Add This Request to TestCase.
  3. Adding a request to a test case will open the Create TestSuite dialog box.
  4. After clicking OK, you will be asked to create a test case.

How do I start SoapUI?

Download Process

  1. Step 1 − Go to and click Download SoapUI.
  2. Step 2 − Click ‘Get It’ to download SoapUI Open Source.
  3. Step 1 − After downloading, run the .exe file as “Run as administrator”.
  4. Step 2 − Once set up, the process window displays the following screen, click Next.

What language is used in SoapUI?

JavaSoapUI / Programming language

Why is SoapUI used?

Definition: SoapUI is a cross-platform functional automation testing tool. SoapUI is free and open source tool and it has been designed to help test APIs such as SOAP and REST interfaces to ensure interoperability of different applications.

What is min and max load test in SoapUI?

Minimum TPS – The desired value of the TPS. It will log an assertion error if the actual value is less than this. Max Errors – This is the value by which test should be cancelled. “-1” means that there is no such number.

Is SoapUI open source free?

SoapUI SoapUI is a free and open source cross-platform functional testing solution that allows you to create automated functional, regression, compliance, and load tests.

How use SoapUI Linux?

Teaching How to Install SOAPUI on Linux

  1. Select “Linux Installer (64-bit)” – Adjust accordingly.
  2. Click on Download.
  3. Once it is download, chmod 755
  4. Then run it: ./
  5. A pop-up will open.
  6. It will be installed by default under: $HOME/SmartBear/SoapUI-5.2.1/bin/SoapUI-5.2.1.

Is SoapUI a license?

versions of the EUPL (the “Licence”); You may not use this work except in compliance with the Licence. SoapUI is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

How to use manual test step in SoapUI?

When the test case execution reaches a Manual test step, the user is prompted with a pop up. The user can add details to actual results, and specify pass/fail/N/A radio button for the test step status. User click on continue, soapui goes to next step.

What can SoapUI be used for?

SoapUI can be used to test complete RESTful API and SOAP Web Service testing. It supports Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Interoperability Testing, Regression Testing, Load Testing, and much more.

How to install SoapUI on Windows 10?

Step 1 − Go to and click Download SoapUI. Step 2 − Click ‘Get It’ to download SoapUI Open Source. It will start downloading 112MB .exe file in the system. Wait till the download process is complete. Step 1 − After downloading, run the .exe file as “Run as administrator”.

How do I create a SoapUI project?

The SoapUI project is the central point in all SoapUI testing. Once the project is created, the user can create and run functional tests, load tests, create mock services, and much more. Step 1 − In the navigator on the left side of the screen, right-click on the “Project” and select “New SOAP Project”.