How fast could Brett Favre throw a ball?

Brett Favre Resurfaces, Can Still Throw a Football 100 Mph.

How fast could Brett Favre throw a ball?

Brett Favre Resurfaces, Can Still Throw a Football 100 Mph.

When did Brett Favre break his thumb?

In 2003, he broke his right thumb just before a bye week, faced Minnesota with his thumb in a splint and tossed three touchdown passes in a 30-27 victory at the Metrodome. Ryan Longwell, the Vikings’ kicker, was Favre’s teammate in Green Bay then.

Was Brett Favre a good football player?

He was named NFL MVP three times, first-team All-Pro three times, second-team All-Pro three times and to the Pro Bowl 11 times. Favre is the all-time NFL career leader in passing completions (6,300), attempts (10,169), yards (71,838) and touchdowns (508); second-banana Dan Marino is well behind Favre in each category.

Can Brett Favre still throw a football?

The former Green Bay Packers quarterback has been retired for several years, but he can still throw the ball.

What’s the fastest a football has been thrown?

Fastest football throw ever: Patrick Mahomes, others during NFL Combine. Officially, the NFL Scouting Combine started to measure the velocity of footballs a decade ago. It’s in this that Patrick Mahomes tied the combine record of 60 miles-per-hour during the annual event in 2017.

Who’s better Favre or Rodgers?

When it comes to the touchdown record for the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers broke Favre’s record with a touchdown pass to Allen Lazard. Favre set the record with 442 touchdowns and 289 interceptions while Rodgers had 442 touchdowns and 93 interceptions, a huge difference between Rodgers and the Gunslinger.

What does Brett Favre do now?

Brett Favre is enjoying retirement, spending his free time traveling, and joined the NFL Network in 2011 to cover the Super Bowl XLVII pregame.

How did Brett Favre get started in the NFL?

Favre played college football at Southern Miss and was selected in the second round of the 1991 NFL Draft by the Atlanta Falcons, where he spent one season as a backup. Traded to the Packers, he became their starter early into the 1992 season and revitalized a franchise that had been in a period of decline since the late 1960s.

Did the Packers bribe Brett Favre to retire?

After an investigation, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ruled there had been no violation of tampering rules. Packers team president Mark Murphy met with Favre on July 30 in Hattiesburg, Miss. with the offer of a $20 million marketing agreement, which was “viewed nationally as a bribe to get Favre to stay retired”.

How many touchdowns did Brett Favre throw in the Super Bowl?

Favre threw three touchdown passes for his 63rd career game with at least three touchdowns, surpassing Marino’s former record of 62. Favre led the Packers to a 13–3 regular season record, the NFC North championship, and the second seed in the NFC playoffs.

When did Brett Favre get fined for arm injury?

In September 2009, Favre again made Jets news, as the NFL learned that the Jets were aware that Favre injured his arm in the 11th game of the 2008 season, and fined the Jets $125,000 for not reporting the injury in any of the Jets’ five final games.