How fast do speed skaters go in the Olympics?

How fast do speed skaters go in the Olympics?

How fast do speed skaters at the Olympics go? While short-track speed skaters usually reach speeds exceeding 30 mph, long-track speed skaters can typically hit over 35 mph. What makes speed in the sport so difficult is that athletes have to make sharp, quick turns while flying around the oval.

Who won the first Olympic short track speed skating 500m gold medal?

In 1994 Kim (1000m) and American Cathy Turner (500m) became the first to successfully defend their respective Olympic title; Kim thus became the first short-tracker to win three Olympic gold medals.

Who is the best Olympic speed skater?

Heiden is the only athlete in the history of speed skating to have won all five events in a single Olympic tournament and the only one to have won a gold medal in all events. He is considered by some to be the best overall speed skater (short and long distances) in the sport’s history.

Who is the greatest speed skater of all time?

Eric Heiden
Who is the greatest men’s speed skater of all time? Eric Heiden is the greatest speed skater of all time, mainly in part to his complete dominance in the sport, particularly at the 1980 Olympics.

How fast do 500m speed skaters go?


Event Name Average speed
500 meters Progression Pavel Kulizhnikov 53.56 km/h (33.28 mph)
500 meters × 2 Jeremy Wotherspoon 52.70 km/h (32.75 mph)
1000 meters Progression Pavel Kulizhnikov 54.80 km/h (34.05 mph)
1500 meters Progression Kjeld Nuis 53.91 km/h (33.50 mph)

Who won men’s 500m speed skating?

Gao Tingyu
Medals update: Gao Tingyu wins men’s 500m speed skating gold on home ice in new Olympic record. The People’s Republic of China skater adds a spectacular gold to the bronze he won at PyeongChang 2018, with Republic of Korea’s Cha Min Kyu taking silver and Japan’s Morishige Wataru the bronze.

Who is the most famous short-track speed skating?

Apolo Anton Ohno, (born May 22, 1982, Seattle, Washington, U.S.), American short-track speed skater who was the most-decorated American athlete in the history of the Winter Olympics.