How many km Agra from Delhi by road?

How many km Agra from Delhi by road?

233 kms
Distance between Delhi to Agra is 233 kms. Delhi to Agra by road takes between 3 to 4 hours depending on traffic.

Is it safe to travel from Delhi to Agra?

NO. You must avoid . If you are with female, then not even think of to travel. Yamuna express way has lot of thieves and they remain more active in night.

How can I go from Delhi to Agra Taj Mahal?

The most popular way of getting from Delhi to Agra is by train. It’s possible to visit the Taj Mahal in a day from Delhi if you catch the right trains. It will take you 2-3 hours to get there, and 2-3 hours to return. The main railway station in Delhi is New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS), near Paharganj.

Is food free in Gatimaan Express?

Gatimaan express fare includes food cost offered by onboard catering. However, you can pay for the food separately by excluding the catering charges.

What are the ways to travel from Delhi to Agra?

– how you can reach Delhi to Agra via road, rail, and Air – important details regarding visiting the Taj Mahal – 10 Top Places to Visit in Agra Beyond the Taj Mahal

How do you get from Delhi to Agra?

Flights leave from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport and arrive to Agra’s Kheria Airport.

  • Air India is the most popular airline providing flights from Delhi to Agra.
  • Flights with one layover typically take around 3 hours from start to finish. Don’t forget to factor in the time it takes to get to and from the airports.
  • How long does it take from Delhi to Agra?

    Travel time from Delhi to Agra is estimated to be about 1h 40m. Trains ensure the fastest time to travel by land. As normally there is no congestion, the speed of travel is more or less constant and stops at train stations are rather short, train is almost always one of the quickest and safest ways to get from Delhi and Agra.

    What is the distance between Delhi and Agra?

    What is the travel distance between Agra, India and Delhi, India? How many miles is it from Delhi to Agra. 114 miles / 183.47 km is the flight distance between these two places.