How many matches happened between India and Pakistan?

India vs Pakistan head-to-head in cricket

How many matches happened between India and Pakistan?

India vs Pakistan head-to-head in cricket

Format Matches Pakistan won
Test 59 12
ODI 132 73
T20I 9 2
Total 200 87

Is there any series between India and Pakistan?

Notably, India and Pakistan haven’t played a bilateral series since 2012-13 and have only met each other on a few occasions in ICC tournaments and the Asia Cup.

Why India is not playing cricket with Pakistan?

Due to frosty political relationship, India don’t play bilateral cricket with Pakistan. They only play in multi-team world tournaments. Pakistan will host the ICC Champions Trophy in 2025.

How many times India won against Pakistan in World Cup?

India and Pakistan faced each other on six occasions, with India winning five matches.

Why India stop playing cricket with Pakistan?

How is India better than Pakistan?

– The Human Development index of Indian state of Kerala is some of the Highest as 0.951 which is similar to Switzerland. – I live in a Chandigarh and it is comparable to Denmark. – Now 24 States of india has a High Human Development index. – Bihar and Uttar Pradesh states has some of the lowest human development index but it is still better than

Is Pakistan better than India?

Overall, Harbhajan has been a better run-scorer than Gul, having amassed 1237 runs in 236 ODIs, compared to the latter’s 457 in 130 matches. However, in T20Is, Gul stands ahead scoring 165 runs in 27 innings, 57 runs more than Harbhajan.

What is going on between India and Pakistan?

India and Pakistan met during the T20 World Cup last year in the UAE. It was a one-sided affair as Pakistan won the game by 10 wickets at the Dubai International Stadium. It was Pakistan’s first win over India in a World Cup match in any format.

How many time India fight with Pakistan?

With both China and Pakistan, India has unresolved territorial disputes. India fought a local border war with China in 1962 and has fought with Pakistan in 1947-48, 1965 and 1971.