How many missions are there in Commandos 2?

How many missions are there in Commandos 2?

The game has 2 Training missions, 10 actual missions, and 10 bonus missions (From which 1 is unnamed and not available in the main menu). Click on the mission’s name to find out more information about it.

Did Prince Harry pass the commando course?

In December 2008, Prince Harry passed his Army Air Corps ‘Grading’ and Pilot’s Selection Board interview to begin training to become and Army Air Corps Pilot in January 2009. On successful completion of that Army Pilots Course, Prince Harry was selected to train on the Apache Attack Helicopter.

What Colour beret do the SAS wear?

beige beret
The sand-coloured beret of the Special Air Service is officially designated the beige beret. The beige beret was worn from 1942 till 1944. In 1944, when the SAS returned to the UK they were forced to adopt the maroon beret of the airborne forces as they became part of that command (see Special Air Service Troops).

How do you get the Bonus Book in Commandos 2?

Play Commandos 2, and take a look at the Bonus Book Screen. Remember which pieces are still missing. Now, open this FAQ, and go to the chapter for the mission you’re stuck in.

What to do after you finish Commandos 2 men of courage?

You just finished Commandos 2: Men of Courage. Enjoy the ending! And don’t forget to play the last bonus mission. 🙂 -Escape using the enemy car. -Neutralize the enemy snipers.

How do I use commandos?

Commandos will automatically fire on enemy soldiers if set on attack mode. By holding down Ctrl and clicking with the RMB, the field of view will move to the desired position. You can set commandos to attack mode in either crawling or standing positions. This is by no means an easy path to victory as your soldiers can also be shot in this mode.

What is the third bonus mission?

The third Bonus Mission lets you to use Tiny, Duke, Fins, Inferno and Tread to clear out the enemies. The setting looks like a forest with a river between. Your objective is to go to the other side by using the amphibious transport to get past to the river while eliminating all of the soldiers, especially the grenadiers.