How much do international schools in Italy cost?

Italy School Fees by Grade (2022)

How much do international schools in Italy cost?

Italy School Fees by Grade (2022)

Name FS1 G2/Y3
International School of Venice 6,750 8,560
Kendale Primary International School 765,000 1,100,000
Lonati Anglo-American School 0 9,450
Marymount International School Rome 11,900 17,900

Does Italy have international schools?

A number of international education chains operate in Italy, including the International School of Europe, which is part of the Inspired group and operates schools following the IB curriculum in Milan, Modena, Monza, Siena and Como as well as ISE Kiddy English, an English-medium kindergarten that follows the Reggio …

Are there English speaking schools in Italy?

Foreigners who live in Italy can choose among many English speaking schools. These schools are mostly either British or American and, therefore, they follow respectively the British or American school system. The English speaking schools that are located throughout Italy are private and, therefore, quite expensive.

Is private school in Italy free?

Italy has both public and private schooling. Public education is free for all children who are resident in Italy regardless of nationality. Public school is high quality, equivalent or even higher than private schools. School is mandatory from ages six to 16.

Where are the best schools in Italy?

University of Bologna. Italy|Bologna. #1.

  • University of Padua. Italy|Padua. #2.
  • Sapienza University of Rome. Italy|Rome. #3.
  • University of Milan. Italy|Milan. #4.
  • University of Naples Federico II. Italy|Naples. #5.
  • University of Pisa. Italy|Pisa. #6.
  • University of Turin. Italy|Turin. #7.
  • University of Trento. Italy|Trento. #8.
  • Where does Italy rank in education?

    World education ranking

    Country Name Reading score Science score
    Italy 486 489
    Latvia 484 494
    Slovenia 483 512
    Greece 483 470

    What is the best international school in Europe?


    • Lycée Henri IV.
    • British School of Paris.
    • 3 – Chavagnes International College.
    • 4 – Notre-Dame International High School.
    • 6 – Kings college Madrid.
    • 7 – St Julian’s.
    • 8 – Nobel International School.
    • 9 – The New School.

    Are there American schools in Italy?

    There are no U.S. Government operated schools in Italy, but there are a number of independent, private schools offering courses and classes taught in English. Some of the schools have classes from kindergarten to high school, while others offer a curriculum at the elementary or high school levels.

    Is education in Italy good?

    Education in Italy is highly esteemed with a wide range of excellent academic institutions spread across the country where international students are warmly welcomed. Italy has played an important role in academia, fostering the reform of European higher education through the Bologna Process.

    Is Italian high school difficult?

    My verdict is that Italian schools are more academically challenging. There’s lots of handing in papers, they maintained, and “what is written counts”. Exams and tests in Italy are similarly written affairs, which doesn’t mean, no multiple-choice tests, and almost everyday we have oral or written test for each class.

    When did the Trieste area Science Park join the International School?

    In 2005 the Trieste Area Science Park joined as an associate. The International School of Trieste is the only international school in Italy to issue diplomas fully and legally recognized by the Italian law (art. 10, comma 3, della Legge 29 gennaio 1986, n. 26), specifically designed for the school.

    Why choose the International School of Trieste?

    The International School of Trieste is a community-focused school with students from Kinder 2 to Grade 13. IST recognizes the need for students to be equipped for an interconnected world as as global citizens with the skills needed to engage with people from many cultural backgrounds.

    Why study science in Trieste?

    As an independent state from 1947 to 1954, Trieste attracted a wide range of science research centers including CBM (Center for Biomolecular Medicine), ICGEB (International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology), SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies) and ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics).

    What is the mission of international education?

    Our Mission is to deliver an instructional program characterized by internationality, world-class education, didactic completeness and ethical integrity to students from different cultures who have ambitious goals.