How much transmission fluid does a 2008 Duramax take?

How much transmission fluid does a 2008 Duramax take?

8-9 quarts unless you pull the valve body, then plan on a case.

How often should I change my Duramax transmission fluid?

50,000 miles
Maintenance Intervals – Normal Conditions

Maintenance/Service Miles
Change internal transmission filter 50,000 miles
Replace Transfer Case Fluid 50,000 miles
Replace Rear Differential Fluid Not Provided; We Recommend changing fluid every 100,000 miles. If axle is submerged underwater, replace fluid ASAP.

How much fluid does a Duramax Allison Transmission hold?

Using transmission funnel fill transmission with 7.4 quarts of Transynd and check level. We recommend this service every 30-40 thousand miles to keep your Allison running its best. Allison does not recommend using a machine to filter or flush the transmission.

How many quarts does an Allison 1000 take?

The actual capacity is about 13 quarts but the torque converter doesn’t drain.

How many quarts does a Allison transmission take?

Registered. 7.4 quarts (includes the pint for the spin-on) for the stock (shallow) pan – all you can drain.

What is TES 295 transmission fluid?

Performance Plus Full Synthetic Heavy Duty (TES-295® & TES-389®) Transmission Fluid offers: Additives to enhance friction properties. Providing smooth shifting, reducing shudder. Formulated for anti-wear protection. Extending the life of the transmission.

How many gallons of transmission fluid do I need for Allison Transmission?

If your draining the pan via the drain plug and changing the spin on you will need approx 7.4 qts for a stock GM pan (shallow). Buy 2 gallons. If your doing a flush via the hoot method you will want 5 gallons on hand.

Can you use dexron VI in Allison 1000 transmission?

deXRon®-Vi shall not be used in allison 500, 600 or 700 series transmissions (at, mt, ht, ht/V/Clt products). schedule one tes 389 and deXRon®-Vi fluids will have the same fluid change intervals as the current allison approved non-tes 295 fluid intervals.