How old is a Mathews Z7?

How old is a Mathews Z7?

Mathews Inc. has been on the top single cam market for several years and they plan on maintaining that lead with the introduction of the Z7 for 2010. Last year’s flagship bow for Mathews was the Monster series, which was a two cam bow; this led to a lot of criticism that Mathews had lost it’s Solocam way.

How do you adjust a Mathews Solocam?

Draw Length If your new Mathews SoloCam bow is equipped with a “StraightLine” MaxCam, which is draw length specific, there is no adjustment on the cam. Other Mathews cams are adjustable for draw length and come set at the longest draw length setting unless your retailer has indicated otherwise.

What was Mathews last Solocam bow?

Registered. The mathews creed was the last flagship solocam.

How do you change the camera on a Mathews Z7?

The Z7 has a simple quick clip on one side of the axel. Just push the black clip upwards away from the limp pocket and it will pop up from locked position. at that point you will be able to remove the black clip off and slide the axle out. Replace with new cam and follow steps in reverse order.

How do you measure draw length on a Mathews bow?

While standing naturally, have a friend grab a measuring tape and measure across your back from the tip of one finger to the tip of the other. Divide that number by 2.5 to find the draw length that is right for you.

How much does a Mathews Z7 bow weigh?

The Mathews Z7 Compound Bow weighs in at four pounds. Since most compound bows weigh between three and five pounds, the Z7 is squarely in the middle. Its lighter weight makes it ideal for hunting, particularly in a tree stand or a blind.

Is the Mathew solocam Z7 a good bow?

Mathew Solocam Z7 Review and Live Demo One of the bow’s best features is the Z7 cam, which makes for both a smooth draw and blazing speeds. The riser design definitely stands out, and while it’s one of the more unique-looking bows on the market, many have criticized its aesthetics.

Is the Z7 Xtreme the shortest hunting bow on the market?

Being just 28 inches from axle to axle, the Z7 Xtreme is one of the shortest hunting bows on the market today. For many years archers have shied away from shorter ATA bows as they tended to be less stable and less forgiving, making them harder to shoot. What many archers forget, however, is that was yesterday and this is today.

Why the Z7 Xtreme?

The Z7 Xtreme’s compact size allows you to maneuver this bow easier while in a ground blind, while sneaking through brush, or while trying to squeeze around branches to make a shot. Much of my hunting philosophy is based around maximizing the opportunities that present themselves to me, and I feel the Z7 Xtreme allows me to do just that.