How old is Julian Rhind-Tutt?

54 years (July 20, 1967)Julian Rhind-Tutt / Age

How old is Julian Rhind-Tutt?

54 years (July 20, 1967)Julian Rhind-Tutt / Age

Is Andy Rhind-Tutt related to Julian Tutt?

Since then, there have been 120 Rhind-Tutts over four generations, Julian Rhind-Tutt, of TV’s Green Wing fame, being Andy’s cousin.

What was Julian Rhind-Tutt in?

Julian Rhind-Tutt is a British actor whose television work includes appearances in Britannia, Banished, The Wipers Times, The Hour, Oliver Twist, Harlots, A Touch of Cloth, and the BAFTA-winning Green Wing. He has performed onstage at the Royal National Theatre and The Royal Court.

Who played Jason in black books?

Jason was portrayed by British actor, Julian Rhind-Tutt. Julian Rhind-Tutt has appeared along side Tamsin Greig before in Green Wing as well as in Black Books.

Who plays the Marquess of Blayne?

Julian Rhind-Tutt
Julian Rhind-Tutt: Marquess of Blayne.

Who plays Giltine in The Witcher?

The Witcher (TV Series 2019– ) – Julian Rhind-Tutt as Giltine – IMDb.

Is Julian Rhind-Tutt in The Archers?

Full Cast (Read by) In Blithe Spirit, the Ambridge Am-Dram Society and guest star Julian Rhind-Tutt recreate Noël Coward’s ghostly masterpiece, and Lynda finds herself in sympathy with eccentric medium Madame Arcati as she attempts to conjure some festive high spirits.

Who plays Edwin muirden?

Julian Alistair Rhind-Tutt
Julian Alistair Rhind-Tutt (b. 20 July 1967) is an English actor.

Who played Edwin on Merlin?

Merlin (TV Series 2008–2012) – Julian Rhind-Tutt as Edwin – IMDb.

How old is Gaius in Merlin?

around 72
Gaius is aged around 72 (from the time of Series 3) as he stated in ‘Love in the Time of Dragons that a book was given to him by Alice.

What happens to Edwin in Merlin?

During the Great Purge ordered by King Uther Pendragon, Gregor and Jaden were burned at the stake, and Edwin tried unsuccessfully to rescue them from the flames, being burnt on the face and permanently disfigured.

Who was Thomas Tutt?

Former Amesbury mayor Andy Rhind-Tutt said: “My great grandfather Thomas Tutt was born in Wishford in 1840, the sixth son of a large Wiltshire family. “He was an apprentice stationer and travelled weekly to London from Wishford Station. “He first met Jane at Paternoster Row, where she collected stationery for the family shop.

Are there any living descendants of the Rhind-Tutt family?

Today the Rhind-Tutt family comprises 159 descendants of which 140 are still living including the actor Julian Rhind-Tutt whose most recent film is Bridget Jones’s Baby, and Robin Rhind-Tutt who built the famous Wasp Rhind-Tutt motorcycles which is now the longest continuous motorbike manufacturer in Britain.

How many children did Rhind and Tutt have?

After the marriage of Thomas and Jane at St James Church on October 23, 1866, Thomas became the new postmaster and the name above the shop changed to Rhind & Tutt and soon six children arrived, four girls and two boys.

How many brothers and sisters does Tom Rhind-Tutt have?

Rhind-Tutt was born in West Drayton, Middlesex, the youngest of five; there was a 10-year gap between him and his two brothers and two sisters.