How old is Stella Farentino?

How old is Stella Farentino?

60 years (February 16, 1962)Stella Farentino / Age

Is actor James Farentino still alive?

January 24, 2012James Farentino / Date of death

Who is James Farentino married to?

Stella Farentinom. 1994–2012
Debrah Farentinom. 1985–1988Michele Leem. 1966–1983Elizabeth Ashleym. 1962–1965
James Farentino/Spouse

Is James Farentino Italian?

Farentino is a surname of Italian origin. Notable people with the surname include: Debrah Farentino (born 1959), American actress. James Farentino (1938–2012), American screen actor.

Who played Anna in Everybody Loves Raymond?

Full Name Anna Barone
Actor/Actress Stella Farentino
First Appearance Season 2 Episode 14 “Mia Famiglia”
Number of episodes 1

Who played Anna Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond?

Stella Farentino
Everybody Loves Raymond (TV Series 1996–2005) – Stella Farentino as Anna Barone – IMDb.

What nationality is James Farentino?

AmericanJames Farentino / Nationality

What happened to farentino?

Farentino died of heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Hospital after a long illness, said the spokesman, Bob Palmer. Farentino starred alongside Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen in the 1980 science fiction film The Final Countdown.

Is Michelle Lee still married?

Lee divorced Farentino in 1983 after 15 years of marriage and has been happily married to Fred Rappaport, an executive with CBS, for five years.

Who was George Peppard married to?

Laura Taylorm. 1992–1994
Alexis Adamsm. 1984–1986Sherry Boucherm. 1975–1979Elizabeth Ashleym. 1966–1972Helen Daviesm. 1954–1964
George Peppard/Spouse

Did the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond really go to Italy?

The cast and crew did indeed film on location in Europe. The two-parter called “Italy” were the premiere episodes of the show’s fifth season and were filmed in July 2000 in the town of Anguillara Sabazia outside of Rome.

Who is Ray Romano’s wife?

Anna RomanoRay Romano / Wife (m. 1987)