How old was Jack Carson when he passed away?

52 years (1910–1963)Jack Carson / Age at death

How old was Jack Carson when he passed away?

52 years (1910–1963)Jack Carson / Age at death

Is Jack Carson dead?

January 2, 1963Jack Carson / Date of death

Did Jack Carson sing?

He later sang for Capitol Records. Worked with Ginger Rogers in six RKO pics and lost her each time to one of her leading co-stars. He finally won her in The Groom Wore Spurs (1951). Had a four-year run on radio with “Everybody Loves Jack” (1943-1947).

Where is Jack Carson buried?

Forest Lawn, CAJack Carson / Place of burialForest Lawn Memorial Park is a privately owned cemetery in Glendale, California. It is the original and current flagship location of Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks & Mortuaries, a chain of six cemeteries and four additional mortuaries in Southern California. Wikipedia

Who was Lola Albright married to?

Bill Chadneym. 1961–1975
Jack Carsonm. 1952–1958Warren Deanm. 1944–1949
Lola Albright/Spouse

Was Jack Carson a smoker?

Soon after Johnny Carson’s death last weekend, NBC announced the 79-year-old entertainer had died of emphysema, a respiratory disease that can be attributed to smoking. Carson was a heavy smoker during his “Tonight Show” days, wielding a cigarette as a prop on air until smoking on television passed out of favor.

What did Jack Carson died of?

Stomach cancerJack Carson / Cause of death

On August 26, 1962, while rehearsing the play Critic’s Choice in Andover, New Jersey, he collapsed on stage. An early diagnosis deemed it a stomach disorder, but two months later, stomach cancer was discovered while he was undergoing an unrelated operation. He died in Encino on January 2, 1963, at age 52.

When was Jack Carson born?

October 27, 1910Jack Carson / Date of birth

Where was Jack Carson born?

Carman, CanadaJack Carson / Place of birthCarman is a small agricultural town of about 3,000 people in the Pembina Valley Region of southern Manitoba, Canada. Carman is at the junction of Highways 3 and 13, 40 minutes southwest of Winnipeg. Wikipedia

Is actress Lola Albright alive?

March 23, 2017Lola Albright / Date of death

How old was Lola Albright?

92 years (1924–2017)Lola Albright / Age at death