Is Dark Souls 2 optimized for PC?

Is Dark Souls 2 optimized for PC?

Yes, it’s an incredibly optimized game. Butter smooth always. Originally posted by KINGS The King: this version of the game actually runs worse than DS2 with gedosato.

How many copies has Dark Souls 2?

The original Dark Souls sold 2.37 million copies in 1 and a half years. Dark Souls 2 sold 2.5 million copies in a year.

Does Dark Souls 2 have cheats?

The immense world of Dark Souls 2 is crammed with Secrets and treasures that are waiting to be discovered. False walls hide treasure chambers, precious items lie hidden in bird’s nests, and secret solutions exist to defeat some of the game’s legendary Bosses.

Does Dark Souls 2 have a remastered?

Dark Souls II was a critical and commercial success. A remastered version of the game, subtitled Scholar of the First Sin, was released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows in April 2015.

How do I use GeDoSaTo in Dark Souls 2?

In order to activate downsampling in the game, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Download the GeDoSaTo tool.
  2. Extract the zip file you’ve downloaded to a permanent location.
  3. Run the application called GeDoSaToTool as Adminstrator.
  4. Start Dark Souls 2, and ensure you’ve turned anti-aliasing on in the game’s video options.

How do you get unlimited human effigy?

Burning an Bonfire Ascetic in Tower of Prayer bonfire in Dragon’s Sanctum allows you to farm infinite amount of Human Effigies at the spike trap staircase as well as Twinkling Titanite, Petrified Dragon Bone, Focus Soul.

Are there cheats for Dark Souls 3?

Whilst some games have console commands and cheat codes built into them to spawn items or change your stats, DS3 doesn’t – so you need to use Cheat Engine.

Will DS2 come to switch?

The second of these Nintendo Switch-bound games is either Dark Souls 2 or Dark Souls 3 or both. This wouldn’t be very surprising considering the first game is already available via the Switch. The last of these three games is the most surprising.

When did Dark Souls 3 come out?

March 24, 2016Dark Souls III / Initial release date

Is Dark Souls 2 a good PC port?

In general, the port of the 1st game is pretty bad but it runs the game at least. Dark Souls 2: SotFS is a much better port. Hoping Dark Souls 3 will be well optimized too. Still not great options wise, but it runs well. i5 6400 @ 4.4ghz – GTX EVGA SC ACX 3.0 1070 @ 2100, 8 GB DDR4.

How to install Dark Souls 2?

its easy, you just unpack the gedosato folder and open whitelist file in the assets subdirectory. add the executible name of dark souls 2 to that whitelist file. in the gedosato config make sure you have downsampling values uncommented if you want to use downsampling. otherwise, if you want the AO and DOF stuff just make sure that in-game anti aliasing is enabled so that gedosato’s dark souls 2 graphic enhancements can hook into the game.

How to use PS4 controller with Dark Souls 2 PC?

Connect it with bluetooth

  • Go to: Settings>Controller>General Controller Settings (it will open up BigScreen menu)
  • Check the PS4 configuration support.
  • Is Dark Souls 2 really that bad?

    Dark Souls 2 isn’t bad. It’s just different. Every Dark Souls Game is different. Just play it if you want to and maybe you will like it. It’s important to not play it with bad mood. Movement felt very different, the ADP system made people feel like dodging was wonky, and no ones skill in Dark Souls 1 carried over… so everyone was a scrub