Is it correct to say forever and ever?

Is it correct to say forever and ever?

1 Answer. Hi Jacqueline, In American English, forever is written as one word. In British English, you may see the forever written as two words: ‘for ever’.

Why do we say forever and ever?

We add “and ever” for emphasis. It is the same technique of repeating that has us saying “it grew bigger and bigger” or “he said it over and over again”.

What is another word for forever and ever?

In this page you can discover 62 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for forever, like: eternally, everlastingly, from the cradle to the grave, endlessly, forevermore, till-death-do-us-part, permanently, endless, always, interminably and durably.

What does I love you forever and ever mean?

(I will love you) forever and ever: (I will) always (love you)

When did for ever become forever?

The one-word version first appeared in a 1670 satire by John Eachard that expressed “honest and hearty wishes that the best of our Clergy might forever continue as they are.”

Can we use for ever?

Not really, but some phrases are used for effect. You don’t need to combine the ‘for’ with ‘forever’. You just say ‘I will be your friend forever’.

Does Forever ever end?

forever Add to list Share. Things that last forever never come to an end — they continue endlessly. An experience that changes you forever alters you in ways that will last the rest of your life. The adverb forever literally means “eternally,” so when you promise, “I’ll love you forever.” you mean it.

Does eternal mean forever?

Definition of eternal without beginning or end; lasting forever; always existing (opposed to temporal): eternal life. perpetual; ceaseless; endless: eternal quarreling;eternal chatter.

How do you say Forever ever?

synonyms for for ever and ever

  1. always.
  2. endlessly.
  3. eternally.
  4. permanently.
  5. evermore.
  6. perpetually.
  7. durably.
  8. enduringly.

How do you say forever without saying it?


  1. always.
  2. durably.
  3. endlessly.
  4. enduringly.
  5. eternally.
  6. evermore.
  7. everything considered.
  8. for always.

What does forever and never mean?

1 (Also) for ever without end; everlastingly; eternally.

Is forever the same as always?

The main difference between always and forever is that always usually means at all times or on all occasions whereas forever usually means for an endless time.