Is porting a supercharger worth it?

Is porting a supercharger worth it?

Porting is worth it if you want more power and for the price it makes sense. If you don’t try to accelerate hard, never put sticky tires on your car, then probably not worth it.

What does porting a supercharger do?

Porting the supercharger reduces turbulence, inlet air heat build and in turn power drop. Absolute peak power gain my not be high, but power loss from heat build may be reduced by 20-30bhp.

Does porting a supercharger increase boost?

Premium Member. As karch said, efficient porting pre-rotor increases air charge and thus increases boost if no other changes. Post-rotor porting does not increase the air charge but could increase flow efficiency, and lower boost.

What does a ported blower do?

A ported blower flows more air at the same rpms and boost level. Keep in mind that higher boost doesn’t always mean more air. Since air expands when heated the boost can be higher and there can still be less oxygen getting into the cylinders because hot air is less dense.

What does Port A blower mean?

Blower porting adds heat because you are getting more air into the blower, which results in an increase in boost, which results in more heat. It’s more efficient, but still increases the heat as you can’t get around physics.

How long does it take to port a supercharger?

Porting services take two to three weeks from the time of ordering.

How much is Port Eaton supercharger?

Eaton Supercharger Porting (Gen I, Gen II, Gen III and Gen IV) $375 – Porting includes the inlet and outlet port. Port shape was developed on our supercharger dyno, a device others do not have access to.

What is Blower porting?

Porting the blower in many cases is to either smooth out the insides of blower so there is less friction and the air should move with better velocity. Sometimes you would port something if you want it bigger.

What kind of CNC porting is used on a Jackson Racing supercharger?

Eaton M45 Gen5 JR Jackson Racing Supercharger CNC Porting Service Our Embree Specialty Machine CNC porting design is used on similar supercharger applications including the following automotive brands along with other brands that use the aftermarket and OEM dealership installed Jackson Racing Supercharger Kit.

Is there a supercharger for the Eaton M62 Gen4?

And many more SC Kits that are supercharged with a similar Eaton M62 Gen4 Supercharger. Eaton M62 Gen4 CNC Porting Supercharger Inlet Port Design for Jackson Racing and Comptech Supercharged engines. Contact us for more details. Photos coming soon.

Can You port a supercharger to a car?

In most vehicle applications, both supercharger housing openings are accessible for porting services. The inlet plenum and outlet plenum can be port matched for the ultimate airflow relationship with the supercharger inlet and outlet ports.

How much does porting a supercharger increase inlet airflow?

The inlet plenum and outlet plenum can be port matched for the ultimate airflow relationship with the supercharger inlet and outlet ports. The CNC porting increases inlet airflow by 24% and increases outlet airflow by 30%. A ported supercharger will work better with an overdrive pulley system.