Is RS232C the same as VGA?

Is RS232C the same as VGA?

But I’m curious because you say that the connectors look “exactly like VGA ports.” Usually RS232 utilizes a DB9 (DE9 for the educated and/or purist) with is the same size as a VGA (HD15) but has only 9 pins in two rows instead of 15 pins in three rows.

What is RS232C port?

An RS-232 serial port is most often used by repair technicians to perform diagnostics and service updates. It may also be used to control a device when connected to a computer running a home automation system or Custom Integrated Audio/Video (A/V) system, such as the CAV-M1000ES Multi-room A/V Distribution System.

Can I use VGA cable for RS-232?

No it will not work with a VGA monitor. If it is specifically marked as RS-232 (or with a string of one’s and zero’s), then it is a serial port for things like serial mice.

Are all serial ports the same?

Generally, serial port connectors are gendered, only allowing connectors to mate with a connector of the opposite gender. With D-subminiature connectors, the male connectors have protruding pins, and female connectors have corresponding round sockets.

What is the RS232C control?

In simple terms, an RS-232 connection on a projector, for example, allows you to control the device remotely using a third party interface, such as a Macro Wall Controller, PC-based control software or a touch screen device such as an iPad or Android tablet connected to a control processor.

What is the difference between RS232 and RS232C?

RS232C is just the third version of the EIA’s Recommended Standard 232. The current version is revision F. The major difference between the original standard and the C version was that the voltage levels for the signals were reduced from ±25V to ±5V.

What does 10101 mean on a computer?

serial port
With many computers, the serial port is labeled as “10101” which are ones and zeros to represent binary. A user may also interpret the number “1” as the letter “I” and the zeros as the letter “O” and call it the “IOIOI” port.

What is a DB9 port used for?

DB9 connectors were commonly used for serial peripheral devices like keyboards, mice, joysticks, etc. Also they are used on DB9 cable assemblies for data connectivity. Today, the DB9 has mostly been replaced by more modern interfaces such as USB, PS/2, Firewire, and others.

Can you connect DB9 to VGA?

DB9 female to HD15 male VGA adapter offers you the ability to connect a Multi-sync Monitor with a DB9 port to a VGA graphics card without having to buy a new cable.

Which is better DVI or D-Sub?

The main difference between DVI and D-Sub is that DVI can transmit both analog and digital signals while D-Sub equivalent can support only analog signals for video streaming. Thus DVI subsequently replaced D-Sub because it could transmit higher resolution images and produce clearer pictures.