Is TE37SL discontinued?

Is TE37SL discontinued?

Prices for used original spec TE37 are about to start rising as Rays Wheels will soon announce they’re discontinuing, at the very least, their OG TE37 and TE37 SL variant.

What is the difference between TE37 and TE37SL?

After a little bit of searching around, it seems like the original TE37 is truly forged, slightly heavier than TE37 SL, and more expensive than the SL. The TE37SL is lighter(close to 1lb on some sizes), a little cheaper than the original, but some people say the SLs are not forged.

What is TE37V?

The TE37V, offering the deepest rim for Volk Racing, targets older cars with good taste, such as vintage domestic cars that continue to thrive, as with the AE86 and Roadsters.

Are TE37 OG discontinued?

System Motorsports ◾️ For those who are asking, as the TE37 OG is now discontinued, this is what we have in 5×100/5×114. 3/5×120 OG’s in stock/incoming, and this will be it.

When were OG TE37 discontinued?

Rays Volk TE37SL – TO BE DISCONTINUED 12/16/2021 – LAST CALL.

When did TE37SL come out?

The new TE37 Super Lap (or TE37SL) is set to hit retailers in late June and will be avaiable for both 17 and 18 inch applications.

Are all TE37 forged?

All TE37s come with the classic six spoke design, all of them have the word “Volk Racing Wheel” written on the spoke and are 1-piece forged wheels which clear the JWL standard. And most importantly, all of them are made in Japan which assures consistent high-quality production.

Are te37s worth it?

For me, the TE37 is my favorite wheel. I have em on both of my cars. You can’t go wrong with the classic 6 spoke design, being lightweight, and forged. I personally think they are worth it for the price, it’s really up to you if you think they are worth it.

Who makes te37s?

Volk’s TE37 dates back to 1996, when Japanese wheel manufacturer RAYS first released its one-piece forged aluminum wheel to consumers. Once considered a luxury reserved for the likes of formula cars that you can’t afford, RAYS helped introduce forged wheel technology to people like us with its Volk Racing line.

When were OG te37 discontinued?

How much do te37 SL weigh?

Sizes: 18 x 9.5 | Positive 21 Offset | 5 x 114.3 PCD | 18.4 lbs.

What is the difference between the te37 and te37 Super Lap?

The two most popular versions are the original TE37 and the TE37SL. As the name hints, the TE37 Super Lap is a version of the TE37 which is more track-focused than the original. The TE37 is already an insanely strong wheel thanks to its design and mold-form forged construction.

What are the different types of te37s?

The confusing part of the buying TE37s is all the different variations. Volk Racing offers TE37, TE37 Ultra, TE37V, TE37X, TE37 Sonic, TE37 Saga, and more. The two most popular versions are the original TE37 and the TE37SL.

What is the difference between te37 and te37 gravel?

TE37: The original TE37. Started from the 15-inch model. TE37 GRAVEL: The TE37 model made for rally and dirt trial competition TE37 GRAVEL II: The upgrade version of TE37 Gravel with improved strength and stiffness TE37 KCR BZ EDITION: A redesigned version of KCR model in bronze-color

What is a te37 wheel?

The TE37 is one of the most popular and recognizable aftermarket wheels in the world. The reason for the TE37’s popularity is not its simple six-spoke design, but rather how Rays constructs it. While the large majority of aftermarket wheels (including TE37 replicas) use a cast construction, the TE37 is forged.