Is there a Smart car convertible?

Is there a Smart car convertible?

The Smart ForTwo Cabrio has its own niche in a crowded small car market – it’s the smallest convertible car you can buy. Like its ForTwo coupe sibling, the Cabrio is great for city driving thanks to its tiny dimensions and tight turning circle, but it sacrifices practicality as a result.

How much does a Smart car convertible cost?

Smart Car Models and Prices

Model smart fortwo smart fortwo Electric Drive Cabrio
Power 89 hp 80 hp
Engine 1.0L Inline-3 Gas Electric
Base Price $14,650 $28,100

Who makes the 2012 Smart car?

Smart Fortwo
Manufacturer Daimler-Benz (1998) DaimlerChrysler (1998–2007) Daimler AG (2007–2022) Mercedes-Benz Group (2022–Present)
Also called SmartCar (1997–2002) Smart City Coupé
Production 1998–2007 (MkI) 2006–2014 (MkII) 2014–present (MkIII)
Assembly Hambach, France (Hambach plant)

Which model of smart car is convertible?

Fortwo Cabrio
2018 smart fortwo models The Fortwo Coupe is sold in three trims — Pure, Passion and Prime — while the Fortwo Cabrio (convertible) is available in Passion and Prime levels.

What is a Smart car convertible called?

smart fortwo electric drive cabrio.

Do they still sell Smart cars?

The electric Fortwo, which was the only Smart model still for sale in America, is going away at the end of the 2019 model year. The Smart city-car brand will soon cease operations in the U.S. as its single model, the Fortwo, goes away after the 2019 model year.

What’s the starting price of a Smart car?

Keep in mind there are many cars you can get under $30,000 in 2020 and beyond. So, basically, a brand-new Smart Car costs about $10,000 bucks in the US. A brand-new Smart Car costs about $30,000 – give or take.

What makes a smart car Smart?

How Smart Cars Work. Smart Car engines are located in the trunk, rather than the front of the vehicle. To make Smart Cars safer, the manufacturer uses a Tridion steel safety shell to enclose the entire vehicle and it’s performed well in crash tests.

Why buy a 2012 Smart Fortwo cabriolet?

With the Smart Fortwo Cabriolet, you can let the sunshine in – or shut the rain out – even when traveling at highway speeds. If you thought the 2012 Smart Fortwo’s enticing starting price was too good to be true, you were right.

How much does a 2012 Smart Fortwo pure cost?

The 2012 Smart Fortwo Pure carries a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of around $15,000. Begin checking option boxes and a fully-loaded Passion trim with metallic paint approaches the $20,000 mark.

What car is comparable to a Smart Fortwo?

The latest addition to the microcar segment is the 2012 Scion iQ, which undercuts the Fortwo’s sticker price by a few thousand dollars, while 5-passenger subcompacts like the Kia Rio, Chevrolet Sonic and Nissan Versa share a comparable price point with the Smart Fortwo along with higher retained values.

What kind of engine does a 2012 Smart Fortwo have?

Under the Hood. Tipping the scales at just 1,800 pounds (nearly 600 pounds less than a Honda Fit), the rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive 2012 Smart Fortwo is able to make its way in the world by means of a 3-cylinder Mitsubishi engine matched with a 5-speed automated manual transmission.