What are the lights on a Citroen C1?

What are the lights on a Citroen C1?

Your Citroen C1 will display a dashboard symbol to inform you of a system that is currently running (blue and green lights), a service that is inactive, has a fault, or requires attention soon (amber / orange), or more urgent system failure that could be hazardous to the driver or cause vehicle damage.

What does the car with wavy lines light mean?

When you see the symbol of a car with squiggly lines behind it become illuminated, and likely flashing, it indicates that your vehicle stability assist program is engaged. The exception would be if the symbol has OFF written underneath it, which means your vehicle stability assist system has been turned off.

Why is my engine light on Citroen C1?

A blocked EGR valve (usually by soot) sends too much exhaust gas back into the engine, combustion is therefore disturbed and is no longer normal: the engine warning light on your Citroen C1 comes on.

Can you drive a car with emissions light on?

So, is it safe to drive with the Emissions Control Light on? Yes, as long as it is the only light that has come on, you do not have to worry about your safety.

How do you reset the dash light on a Citroen C1?

Look for the TPMS reset button and press the button until the tire pressure indicator Blinks slowly three times. Wait for several minutes with the engine switch in the “ON” position, to allow the system to record each tire’s pressure, then turn the engine off. Done!

Does the Citroen C1 have automatic lights?

Related Citroen C1 reviews The top-of-the-range Flair and Flair Edition models get electrically adjustable and heated mirrors, a reversing camera and a hint of chrome, while the latter gains a two-tone paint job, keyless entry, climate control and automatic lights.

Should I drive with traction control on or off?

When turned off, you may notice that your vehicle handles differently than you are used to when driving on slippery surfaces. This is why you should leave your traction control on at all times.

What is the correct TYRE pressure for a Citroen C1?

Citroën C1

Engine Tyre size Front pressure
1.0 / EGS 155 65 R14 75T 32.0
1.0 VTi 68 165 60 R15 77H 33.0
1.0 VTi 68 165 65 R14 79T 33.0
1.4 HDi 55 155 65 R14 75T 32.0

What is fault C1 – danger present?

If you are completing an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report), then this category of fault C1 – Danger Present is reserved for the most serious electrical defects. These, as the name suggests, present danger when tested and could very easily lead to either serious injury or else property damage (for example, due to fire).

What do the warning lights on my Citroen C1 mean?

Citroen C1 brake system warning light – this warning light in your Citroen C1 could indicate low brake fluid – check your levels as soon as possible. If your brake fluid is correct you may need to take your car to the nearest Citroen workshop. This light can be accompanied by the ABS warning light (See above) if the Citroen C1 has an ABS fault.

How to reset the airbag light on a Citroen C1?

We advise you to use a reset tool that covers the Citroen C1 airbag system such as the iCarsoft CP V1.0 Citroen OBD Code Reader. Once the problem has been found and has been corrected, the airbag light can be removed from the dashboard of your Citroen C1. Citroen C1 ABS warning light – indicates a problem with the ABS system.

Why do my headlights stay on all the time on my C1?

The headlights on your C1 stay on, even after you’ve turned them off and shut the car down completely. In most cases, this will be a fuse issue. Replace the fuses for your headlights and test them. If they are still faulty, try disconnecting the battery lead and then reattach it.