What are topics in portfolios?

What are topics in portfolios?

Portfolio Performance Evaluation and Manager Assessment. Efficient markets and Active Management. Ethical Investments, Impact and Sustainable Investments and the Ethics of Investment Management. Alternative Investments and Hedge Fund Strategies.

What is portfolio selection and management?

Portfolio selection aims to assess a combination of securities from a large quantity of available alternatives. It aims to maximize the investment returns of investors. According to Markowitz (1952), investors must make a trade-off between return maximization and risk minimization.

What are the activities of portfolio management?

Major Activities in Portfolio Management

  • Laying down the objectives of investment and the difficulties involved in it.
  • Choosing the asset mix.
  • Portfolio strategy formulation.
  • Securities selection.
  • Execution of portfolio.
  • Revision of portfolio and.
  • Evaluation of performance.

What are some noteworthy research topics in portfolio management?


  • Behavioral Finance. Theory (36)
  • Derivatives. Options (544)
  • Factors, risk premia. Analysis of individual factors/risk premia (709)
  • Fixed income and structured finance.
  • International Investing.
  • Legal/regulatory/public policy.
  • Long-term/retirement investing.
  • Mutual funds/passive investing/indexing.

What are the three themes that active equity portfolio managers can use?

Fundamental strategies Active fundamental managers use three generic themes. Asset class rotation strategy  Shifting fund in and out of the stock market depending managers perception how stock is value compared to the various asset class alternative. Sector rotation strategy.

What is security analysis and portfolio management?

Security Analysis, Portfolio Management, and Financial Derivatives integrates the many topics of modern investment analysis. It provides a balanced presentation of theories, institutions, markets, academic research, and practical applications, and presents both basic concepts and advanced principles.

What are the portfolio management dissertation topics?

Portfolio management dissertation topics range in size and depth depending on the program you are pursuing. In the context of current academic literature, Portfolio management topics are mainly concentrated on management of equity mixes to impact positive financial performance.

What is the current academic literature on portfolio management?

In the context of current academic literature, Portfolio management topics are mainly concentrated on management of equity mixes to impact positive financial […] Portfolio management is an intricately linked science with specific aspects of both financial management and marketing management.

What are the selected topics in the stock market?

Selected topics in The Stock Market By: Mohamed Hamdy 2. Agenda Volatility Stock Market Stages Margin Trading Stock Market Long Term Investing Risk and Diversification 3.

What is sustainable project portfolio management?

Sustainable project portfolio management- a systematic review of background, trends and future implications. Agile portfolio management in the software industry- review of literature. An investigative analysis of portfolio management based on securities priced using the CAPM model.