What can I make out of tissue paper?


What can I make out of tissue paper?


  1. Monster Tissue Pom Poms (via Persia Lou)
  2. Tissue Painted Vases (via Reading Confetti)
  3. Tissue Paper House (via Mod Podge Rocks)
  4. Tissue Paper Blossoms (via PBS Kids)
  5. Stained Glass Window (via Mister Art)
  6. Tissue Paper Coasters (via Inner Child Fun)
  7. Tissue Paper Art (via Fiskars)

How do you make tissue paper art?

Use a paint brush dipped in water, and ‘paint’ the piece of tissue. Keep adding pieces of tissue until you have covered the whole picture. Leave it for ten minutes to dry, then carefully remove each piece of tissue, revealing a beautiful water colour picture, made by clever little hands!

What can you do with tissues?

Below are some of the smartest way of using tissues:

  1. Use it for table decoration. ●
  2. Clean your Desktop and TV screens. ●
  3. Make your table stand steady. ●
  4. Wrap your precious pieces of jewelry before keeping in a purse. ●
  5. Use it with a book. ●
  6. Use with slippery glass. ●
  7. Use it with make-up kits. ●
  8. Use it below your heels. ●

How do you make a tissue butterfly?

Fold a piece of pipe cleaner into a V-shape, and curl the ends around a pencil to form feelers. Twist the bottom of the body once. Then place the paper wings in the middle and twist the pipe cleaner one more time to secure the butterfly’s body in place. Use tape or ribbon to hang the tissue paper butterflies.

How do you make a rose out of tissue paper?

  1. Step 1: Get Your Tissue Paper Ready and Cut the Flower Petal.
  2. Step 2: Curl and Wrinkle the Tissue Paper Slightly to Make Carve.
  3. Step 3: Wind the Tissue Paper Around the Flower Stick to Make the Flower Shape.
  4. Step 4: Secure the Paper Rose Petals With Wire Using Glue and Thread and Roll the Paper Into a Rose.

What are some cool things to do with tissue paper?

Tissue Paper Rosette Letters. Photo Credit: www.prettyprudent.com. Turn tissue paper into mini rosettes and then cover a wood letter with them! This is one of those tissue paper crafts that can be used for decor or party, and it’s great for both kids and adults to do together. Get the Tutorial.

What things can you make with tissue paper?

Paper Plate Cock. This is a great craft to do.

  • Paper Plate Earth. This can be great as a crafts project in school.
  • Decorated Writing Pad. Decorate your exam pad with tissue paper.
  • Tissue Paper Bird.
  • Tissue Paper Patterns.
  • Tissue Paper Jelly Fish.
  • Rockets For Space.
  • Light Lantern.
  • Tissue Paper Elephant.
  • Jar Decoration.
  • What are the different types of tissue paper crafts?

    Copy paper: Medium weight and fairly smooth,it’s good for writing by hand as well as for printing.

  • Art paper: Pricey,thick,and usually somewhat rough,it’s designed for pencil,ink,and paint.
  • Cardstock: Stiff,smooth,and thin,it straddles the line between paper and cardboard.
  • What are some easy paper crafts?

    Paper Crafts Trending right now: Gorgeous Christmas Paper Ornaments! DIY Paper Toys – the video you can see on auto play on this page highlights some of these paper toys!!

  • Crafts with Paper by craft type. Paper Crafts are huge!
  • Seasonal Paper DIYs for Kids and Adults.
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