What CART does big JERM use?

What CART does big JERM use?

Looks like the bag boy xl push cart. At least from the pictures on google compared to the ones above. Location: under a rock. Definitely Bag Boy Quad XL and a Pound Octothorpe.

Where is Pound disc golf located?

Portland, Oregon
Though Pound is now based in Portland, Oregon, we continue to build packs in Montana and the Pacific Northwest. Pound is proud to employ amazing talent in both locations and support US jobs and manufacturing.

What does Ricky Wysocki putt with?

Aviar Driver
Wysocki Aviar – Wysocki has been putting with the Aviar Driver(Big Bead Aviar) since his switch back to Innova. Now as a Tour Series disc for Ricky, these Aviars feel great and have that amazing Galactic look to them. The Bead adds a touch of Overstability and a different feel in the hand.

What does JERM putt with?

Jeremy Koling

Category Mold
Midrange Mortar Buy
Midrange Roc Buy
Putter Aviar Buy
Putter AviarX3 Buy

What does Eagle McMahon throw?

Eagle McMahon has thrown a Discmania DD3 Cloud Breaker to a distance of 707 feet (215.5 meters), which he threw in the 2021 Las Vegas Challenge distance competition using a 360-backhand throwing technique.

What does Paul Mcbeth putt with?

The Luna is a new putter co-designed from start to finish with Paul McBeth. The Luna features a new and unique plastic blend, combining the fan favorites of Jawbreaker and the durability and extra tackiness of rubber….Disc and foil color may vary.

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What kind of pig does Ricky Wysocki throw?

The Innova Pro Pig is an incredibly diverse disc that can be used for putting, forehand and backhand approach shots, or you could even smash it 350 feet onto the green as Ricky does.