What did George Harrison play in Norwegian Wood?

What did George Harrison play in Norwegian Wood?

the sitar
“Even though the sound of the sitar was bad, they were still quite happy with it,” George remembers. He was the first to admit “I played the sitar very badly.” Sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar relates: “My nieces and nephews made me hear ‘Norwegian Wood’ after I had met George (in 1966).

Did the Beatles ever play in Norway?

As you know, the Beatles never played in Norway – a sore point for us Norwegian fans of the group, but here are some stories related to Norway. Even though the Beatles never did come to Norway, some negotiations are said to have taken place prior to their second visit to Sweden.

What is Round Hill Music?

Round Hill Music is an American music publishing company founded in 2010 by Josh Gruss along with Richard Rowe, and Neil Gillis.

What happened to Round Hill Records?

In 2014, Round Hill Records was established with the catalog acquisition of the UK rock band Bush in partnership with frontman Gavin Rossdale. In January 2016, Round Hill paid $35 million for the entire song publishing catalogue of American rock band The Offspring, as well as the band’s Columbia Records recordings.

Who owns the rights to the Beatles’songs?

In January 2012, Round Hill and Adage Classics jointly acquired the GIL Music and GPS Music catalogs, which included the North American rights to six Beatles songs (” She Loves You ,” ” I Saw Her Standing There “, ” From Me to You ,” ” Misery ,” ” I Wanna Be Your Man ” and ” There’s a Place “).

What is Round Hill’s public royalty fund?

Separate from Round Hill’s three privately-raised funds, the company launched a public royalty fund on the London Stock Exchange (Round Hill Music Royalty Fund Ltd) in November 2020. Round Hill Music Royalty Fund Ltd intended to raise $375 million to acquire all of the copyrights in Round Hill’s first private fund (launched in 2012).