What does Cire Perdue mean?

What does Cire Perdue mean?

Definition of cire perdue : a process used in metal casting that consists of making a wax model (as of a statuette), coating it with a refractory (as clay) to form a mold, heating until the wax melts and runs out of small holes left in the mold, and then pouring metal into the space left vacant.

What does the word Perdue mean?

or per·due (pər-do͞o′, -dyo͞o′) Obsolete. A soldier sent on an especially dangerous mission. [French perdu, masculine past participle, and perdue, feminine past participle (as in sentinelle perdue, lost sentry, sentry posted in a position in which death is likely) of perdre, to lose, from Latin perdere; see perdition.]

Who invented Cire Perdue?

Both the Greeks and the Romans perfected cire perdue. However, the technique is thought to be much older, and dates at least 5000 years back in time. It is also thought to have been invented and re-invented independently by various cultures throughout the ages.

Is Perdue French?

French perdu, masculine, & perdue, feminine, from past participle of perdre to lose, from Latin perdere.

What does cire stand for?


Acronym Definition
CIRE Committee on International Relations and Education (Radiological Society of North America)
CIRE Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (University of Colorado)
CIRE Center for International Research and Education (Chiba University; Japan)

What object was likely created by the lost wax technique?

In dentistry, gold crowns, inlays and onlays are made by the lost-wax technique.

What nationality is the name Perdue?

English and Irish: from Old French par Dieu ‘by God’, which was adopted in Middle English in a variety of more or less heavily altered forms. The surname represents a nickname from a favorite oath.

What wax is used for lost wax casting?

Microcrystalline wax
What kind of wax is used for lost wax casting? Microcrystalline wax is best for modeling because it is pliable and slightly sticky. In addition, it’s medium-soft consistency makes it easy to work with. Paraffin wax can also be used for lost wax casting, but it is not ideal for modeling.

Is Perdue a German name?

English and Irish: from Old French par Dieu ‘by God’, which was adopted in Middle English in a variety of more or less heavily altered forms.

How much is the Perdue family worth?

2015 America’s Richest Families Net Worth The $6 billion (estimated sales) company is run by Jim Perdue. His father, Frank, made the brand synonymous with poultry by appearing as its squeaky-voiced pitchman in 1970s TV ads.

Quels sont les avantages de la fonderie à cire perdue?

Nous fondons vos pièces en utilisant le procédé de la fonderie à cire perdue. Cette technique nous permet d’avoir une grande flexibilité sur la production, tout en offrant des fontes très précises. Le savoir-faire de nos artisans nous permet de réaliser des œuvres d’art, mais aussi des pièces en grande série.

Qu’est-ce que la cire perdue?

La cire perdue est un procédé de moulage de précision, pour obtenir une sculpture en métal, (tel que argent, or, bronze, cuivre…) à partir d’un modèle en cire.

Quels sont les produits de la fonte à cire perdue?

– Fonteacireperdue.com, fabricant de bijoux. Réalisation de la maquette. – La gravure et la découpe de bijoux. – La basse fusion étain et zamak. – L’assemblage et la finition. – Les traitements de surface. La fonte à cire perdue. Pour l’or, l’argent, le laiton et le bronze, l’acier, l’aluminium, le platine et le titane.

Quel est le premier objet connu à la cire perdue?

Découverte en 1985, l’amulette de Mehrgarh (Pakistan), âgée de 6 000 ans, est longtemps restée une énigme. De nouvelles techniques d’analyse ont permis de percer les secrets de fabrication de cette amulette en cuivre : c’est le premier objet connu façonné à la cire perdue.