What does Joo mean in Swedish?

What does Joo mean in Swedish?

Jo and ja both mean yes.

What does das mean in Swedish?

English Translation. privy. More meanings for dass. privy noun. avträde, hemlighus, intresserad part.

What does TAC mean in Swedish?

The first is the easy one, the simple one, the common one: tack. It means “thanks” or “thank you.” Make sure you get that “c” in there otherwise you spell the Swedish word for roof. And that’s not quite as helpful.

What does KRY mean in Swedish?


From To Via
• kry → cheerfulgaymerryexuberantlightheartedlivelyperkygood-humoredgood-humoured ↔ gai
• kry → gladhappyjoyfuljoyouscheerfulgaymerryexuberantlightheartedlivelyperky ↔ joyeux

What is the meaning of daisuki desu?

Daisuki desu can be translated as ‘I love you very much’ or ‘I really like you’. It’s a way to really emphasis your feelings for the other person.

What is Jo endearment?

: sweetheart, dear —often used in addressing a person John Anderson, my jo John— Robert Burns.

What is the full form of DAS?

DAS – Digital Address System.

What is Suki Suki meaning?

Suki Suki is a Japanese phrase, meaning to love or like some or something.

What does smart mean?

What does smart mean? Smart is the act of having intelligence. (noun) An example of smart is someone with a high IQ.

Why learn Swedish phrases?

Learning them can help you blend in with the natives in everyday situations. Read and practice these common Swedish phrases, and then follow Sven-Olof through his day to see if you have learned how to use them.

What is an example of a smart person?

The definition of smart is someone who is intelligent, someone who is well dressed and looking sharp or something that can act on its own accord. An example of smart is a person with a high IQ. An example of smart is someone who is dressed neatly in fashionable clothes.

What is the nicest swear word in Swedish?

A “nice” swear word you could say without feeling any guilt: sjutton – seventeen. This word is so nice and cute that you only say it if you have small children around you. I’m not really sure whether I should write the more explicit Swedish swear words here.