What does SCR mean in track?

SCR—Scratched. DQ—Disqualified. DNF—Did Not Finish. DNS—Did Not Start. DNR—Did Not Run.

What does SCR mean in track?

SCR—Scratched. DQ—Disqualified. DNF—Did Not Finish. DNS—Did Not Start. DNR—Did Not Run.

What is the world record for athletics?


Event Record Name
100 m 9.58 (+0.9 m/s) WR Usain Bolt ( JAM )
200 m 19.19 (−0.3 m/s) WR Usain Bolt ( JAM )
400 m 43.18 WR Michael Johnson ( USA )
800 m 1:42.34 Donavan Brazier ( USA )

Does Jesse Owens still hold records?

Today, 25 May 2020, marks the 85th anniversary of Jesse Owens’ setting four world records in 45 minutes in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The tally was in fact six world records, as two of the races he ran accrued him two world records apiece, the 200m/220yd (20.3s) and 200m hurdles/220yd hurdles (22.6).

What is scratching in the Olympics?

The USATF (United States of America Track & Field) list of Entry/Declaration status states that a “scratch” defined like this: “scratched – athlete has declared his/her intent not to compete in the events(s) entered”

What does a scratched horse mean?

A “scratch” is when a horse is entered for a race but either his connections decide not to run him or the racetrack veterinarian determines that he is not fit to race.

What is the record of 1600m race?

Jinson Johnson is also the current national record holder in 1500m with a timing of 3:35.24 which he set at the ISTAF Berlin meet in 2019. In the women’s category, Harmilan Bains holds the record with a timing of 4:05.39, achieved at the 2021 National Open Championships at Warangal.

Who broke Jesse Owens 4 gold medal record?

Carl Lewis
Owens had initially protested the last-minute switch, but assistant coach Dean Cromwell said to him, “You’ll do as you are told.” Owens’s record-breaking performance of four gold medals was not equaled until Carl Lewis won gold medals in the same events at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

What is the world hour record?

The World Hour Record is the greatest distance traveled on a bike in 1 hour. For most of its history World Hour Record attempts were done on a normal track bike on a velodrome. The first instance of a record done at altitude was when William Hamilton rode 40,781 meters at a Denver velodrome.

What is the world record for the UCI Hour record?

UCI Records > Mens Unified Hour Record. 52.937 kms (32.9 mph) Alex DOWSETT (GBR) 2015 May 2 (1 PM) Manchester, England National Cycling Centre indoor, 250 meters, wood sea level Alex DOWSETT Maldon, Essex, England 1988 October 3 (26 yrs) 1.82 meters (72 in) 75 kilos HR (VO2) Movistar Team (ESP) Mark Walker.

What is the hour record in cycling?

The Hour record is one of the most prestigious records in cycling with roots dating back to 1893 when it was set by Henri Desgrange, the man who would go on to create and run the Tour de France.

Who holds the world record for the 400m track race?

Britain’s Alex Dowsett was the next to take up the mantle, and after having to postpone an initial attempt in February 2015, Dowsett successfully broke Dennis’s record by over 400 metres, setting a distance of 52.937 at the Manchester velodrome on May 2.