What does Unpurposeful mean?

1 : not done from purpose : unintended. 2 : having no purpose : purposeless.

What does Unpurposeful mean?

1 : not done from purpose : unintended. 2 : having no purpose : purposeless.

Is Unpurposeful a word?

Not purposeful, unintended.

What is example of unintentional?

Something that is unintentional is not done deliberately, but happens by accident. Perhaps he had slightly misled them, but it was quite unintentional. There are moments of unintentional humour. …an overblown and unintentionally funny adaptation of ‘Dracula’.

What is another word for unintentionally?

accidental, unplanned, inadvertent.

What is a synonym for no purpose?

synonyms for to no purpose fruitless. hollow. impractical. ineffective. ineffectual.

What does Unmeaningful mean?

not meaningful; without significance
adjective. not meaningful; without significance.

What is an unintentional act?

An unintentional tort refers to an act that is unintended but causes injury, losses, and damages to the victim. When an unintended accident occurs, it can lead to body injury, damage of property or even material loss, such an unintended accident is an unintentional tort.

How do you use unintentional?

1 There are moments of unintentional humour. 2 Perhaps I misled you, but it was quite unintentional . 3 Gingrich said the violations were unintentional. 4 Defense attorneys claimed the shooting was unintentional.

What’s the meaning of fortuitously?

adjective. happening or produced by chance; accidental: a fortuitous encounter. lucky; fortunate: a series of fortuitous events that advanced her career.

What is the synonym of unconsciously?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unconsciously, like: without thinking, negligently, unguardedly, subconsciously, carelessly, unintentionally, inattentively, perfunctorily, sub-consciously, heedlessly and without reflection.

What do you call someone with no purpose in life?

good-for-nothing. non-essential. forlorn.

What do you call someone who lacks humanity?

misanthrope • \MISS-un-throhp\ • noun. : a person who hates or distrusts humankind.

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What is the meaning of unpurposeful?

Not purposeful, unintended. unpurposefulness: unpurposefulness (English) Origin & history unpurposeful + -ness Noun unpurposefulness (uncountable) The state of being unpurposeful; lack of purpose.

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