What ethnicity is Sonny Bill Williams?

What ethnicity is Sonny Bill Williams?

Williams was born on 3 August 1985, in Auckland, New Zealand, the son of a Samoan father, Ioane (“John”) Williams and mother, Lee Woolsey who is half-New Zealander and half-Australian.

Is Sonny Bill Williams married?

Alana RaffieSonny Bill Williams / Spouse (m. 2013)

Who is Sonny Bill Williams father?

John WilliamsSonny Bill Williams / Father

What age is Sonny Bill Williams?

36 years (August 3, 1985)Sonny Bill Williams / Age

How much does Barry Hall weigh?

229 lbsBarry Hall / Weight

Who is Alana Williams?

Alana Williams has flown the flag for women in racing for many years, as a talented jockey, leading trainer and mentor. Williams, originally known as Alana Sansom, has been in racing for over 20 years and has become a role model for younger women looking to make their way in the industry.

What nationality is Alana Williams?

Alana Raffie Williams background Sonny Williams wife Alana is a South African model and a former student at Westfield Sports High School, where she perfected her dance skills.

What is Sonny Bill Williams salary?

Sonny Bill Williams Salary Sonny Bill Williams earns $25 million. He earns this from his career as a rugby player and a former heavyweight boxer.

How much does Barry Hall make per fight?

AUSTRALIA’S leading boxing agent Angelo Hyder has dangled a $10 million carrot in front of Sydney forward Barry Hall. Hyder last night described Hall as the “big white hope”, confirming he had told the Swans AFL star of the potential bounty that awaits him in the ring.

What is New Zealand rugby league (NZRL)?

Not to be confused with New Zealand Rugby Union. The New Zealand Rugby League (NZRL) is the governing body for the sport of rugby league football in New Zealand. The NZRL was founded on 25 April 1910 in preparation for a tour of Great Britain that same year. The NZRL administers the New Zealand Kiwis and the New Zealand Kiwi Ferns.

What are the top 5 NZ Rugby League clubs?

1 Auckland Rugby League 2 Bay of Plenty Rugby League 3 Canterbury Rugby League 4 Taranaki Rugby League 5 Waikato Rugby League 6 Wellington Rugby League

When did New South Wales start broadcasting club rugby in NZ?

By the early 1990s New South Wales’ club competition matches were being broadcast in New Zealand with far greater viewing numbers than that of domestic rugby union.

Who are the only non-Australian teams in the NRL?

New Zealand Warriors are the only non-Australian team in the National Rugby League and Auckland Vulcans participate in the New South Wales Cup . The National Rugby League (NRL) is Australia’s top-level competition for the sport of rugby league. The New Zealand Warriors are New Zealand’s only side in the National Rugby League.