What happened Village Roadshow?

What happened Village Roadshow?

Village Roadshow has scaled back its international cinema markets to Australia and Singapore. The company merged its Village Roadshow Pictures arm with Concord Music Group to form a Los Angeles-based diversified entertainment division, Village Roadshow Entertainment Group.

Who is the owner of Village Roadshow?

BGH Capital
VRG Bidco Pty Limited
Village Roadshow/Parent organizations

Does Village Roadshow still exist?

Village Roadshow Pictures self-distributes its film entertainment through affiliates in several territories around the world, including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore (the latter through Golden Village)….Village Roadshow Pictures.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Village Roadshow
Website vreg.com

Where is Village Roadshow located?

Gold Coast
Village Roadshow Studios are a set of film studios located in Oxenford, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Who is Clark Kirby?

Clark Kirby – Chief Executive Officer – Village Roadshow | LinkedIn.

What happened to VRL shares?

Gold Coast theme park owner Village Roadshow (VRL) is no longer trading on the ASX following a takeover by BGH Capital. BGH is an Australian private equity company which has made a series of takeover bids since being founded in 2017.

What companies does Village Roadshow own?

Since then, the division has grown organically and through acquisitions and now comprises four key businesses – Edge, Edge Consumer, Opia and Lifestyle Rewards – with head offices in Australia and the UK.

What does Village Road Show own?

Village Roadshow Theme Parks (VRTP), a wholly-owned division of Village Roadshow, has its headquarters on the Gold Coast, Australia’s holiday playground, where it operates Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Wet’n’Wild, Paradise Country and Australian Outback Spectacular.

How much does Clark Kirby earn?

What is the salary of Clark Kirby? As the Chief Executive Officer of Village Roadshow, the total compensation of Clark Kirby at Village Roadshow is AUD$1,030,360. There are 3 executives at Village Roadshow getting paid more, with Simon Phillipson having the highest compensation of $1,290,270.

Who is the CEO of Village Cinemas?

Kirk Edwards (2010–)Village Cinemas / CEO

Is Hoyts on the ASX?

Hoyts Cinemas Limited (ASX:HOY) – Shares, Dividends & News – Intelligent Investor.