What is a good Critical Thinking score on the HESI?

What is a good Critical Thinking score on the HESI?

In order to apply for any LSC A.D.N. program, the student must attain a minimum score of 80 (750 for Critical Thinking) on EACH section of the HESI exam.

Is the HESI A2 exam difficult?

The HESI exam can be a tricky test, so it is important that you read carefully the entire question as well as all of the answers. Often times, the test writers will throw in a few tricks to distract you and to keep you from seeing the correct answer.

What is a good score on the HESI A2 exam?

Each section is scored separately on a scale from 0 to 100. Schools set their own passing scores for the HESI exam….HESI Scores Breakdown.

Percentage Score Breakdown
90% to 100% Excellent
80% to 89% Very Good
75% to 79% Satisfactory
Below 75% Needs Improvement

Which is harder teas or HESI A2?

Difficulty. The tests feel comparable in many ways. However, the HESI is a bit more difficult than the TEAS. That’s because the HESI requires more specialized knowledge, which means you can’t rely on the general information you know like you can for the TEAS.

Is HESI harder than NCLEX?

Yes, HESI probably is a little bit harder than NCLEX for most students…but it will also seem a little bit easier for other students.

What is the difference between the HESI and HESI A2?

The Health Education Systems, Inc. Admissions Assessment (HESI A2) is also known as the Evolve Reach A2 and the HESI….HESI vs HESI A2.

HESI A2 HESI Exit Exam
When is the Test Taken? When applying to postsecondary nursing programs Before or after graduating from a postsecondary nursing program

Is the HESI exam multiple choice?

The HESI A2 test is used for nursing schools to screen applicants for admission into nursing programs. Also known as the Evolve Reach Admission Assessment, the HESI A2 is a multiple-choice test with five scored exam topics and one unscored personality assessment.

What is a good HESI A2 score for nursing?

850 or higher
Most Nursing Schools require students to take and pass the HESI exit exam prior to graduation. The passing score required to graduate varies from program to program, but generally speaking a score of 850 or higher is considered a good score.