What is city code Karachi?

Which city code is 091?

What is city code Karachi?


Location Country Code Landline Area Code
Karachi +92 (21)
Lahore +92 (42)
Faisalabad +92 (41)

Which city code is 091?

Fixed telephony

City Code
Parachinar 926
Peshawar 91
Pishin 826
Qilla Abdullah 826

What is Pakistan area code?

Pakistan country code: +92.

What is Karachi PTCL code?


Number Plan Area (Districts) Area Codes
K.Abdullah / Pishin 826
Kalat 844
Karachi (Central, East, West, South, Malir) 21
Karak 927

How do I dial a number in Karachi?

First dial 011, the code for dialing a number outside the U.S. Then dial 92, Pakistan’s country code. Next dial 21, the area code for Karachi. And finally the 6–7 digit phone number.

What city code is 021?

NWD (area) codes for common cities are: 021 xxxxxxxx: Karachi.

What area code is 042?

Area Code Maps

Area Code MNA
042 Dundalk
042 Carrickmacross
042 Castleblaney
043 Longford

Is Karachi a dirty city?

People are “appointed” to run the city by the provincial government when the city alone has a population greater than the next 5 cities under the charge of the Sind government. Dirty, petty politics result in a dirty city. There is no programmatic way currently to implement sanitation in Karachi.

What is the ZIP and postal code of Karachi?

Post Code you had searched is 75850 , which is in NEW KARACHI and this particular post office is operating from Alhydri postal office. This postal office is located in Sindh province in Pakistan.

Is Karachi an expensive city to visit?

Karachi retains sixth place among world’s cheapest cities. Singapore, Hong Kong and Paris share the title of most expensive city

Is Karachi a city or state in Pakistan?

Karachi is the capital of the Pakistani province of Sindh. It is the most populous city in Pakistan, sixth most populous city proper in the world and the 8th most populous metropolitan city in the world. Ranked as a beta world city, the city is Pakistan’s premier industrial and fi…