What is CityScape Phoenix?

What is CityScape Phoenix?

CityScape Phoenix. Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, CityScape is a dynamic, urban, mixed-use destination that brings together a dazzling office tower, boutique hotel, residential apartments and a smart collection of retail shops, restaurants and sophisticated entertainment attractions – all centered on an energy-filled, open plaza.

Where to listen to New Year’s Eve music in Phoenix?

The Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra will fill the music hall at Valley Bar, 130 North Central Avenue, with its high-energy and percussion-filled sounds of the jazzy and funky variety on New Year’s Eve. DJ Lady Staliet will also mix up dancehall, hip-hop, reggaeton, and worldbeat.

When are the biggest New Year’s Eve Wingdings in the valley?

What follows is our annual guide of the biggest New Year’s Eve wingdings happening in the Valley, most of which will take place on Friday, December 31 (unless specified otherwise). As per usual, the selection is quite varied: enormous outdoor affairs filled with fireworks and small gatherings at popular neighborhood joints.

What’s new at the New Year’s Eve block party in Phoenix?

The New Year’s Eve Block Party in downtown Phoenix is always a colorful affair. This blockbuster block party put on by the artists of Walter Productions and the owners of Crescent Ballroom returns after a two-year hiatus, albeit with one or two changes.