What is IPE siding?

What is IPE siding?

Ipe siding is the best wood siding option available. Featured in many commercial and upscale residential projects, siding made of ipe has the same great durable characteristics of standard Ipe Decking. Buildings that use Ipe Siding will maintain their strength even in harshest environmental conditions.

Is IPE good for siding?

Ipe is the perfect siding material because it is a natural product that is totally maintenance free. Ipe is a great alternative to other siding options because most other siding materials are man-made materials that are not natural products.

What is wood rainscreen?

a wood rain screen could be defined as any wood siding or cladding material that is spaced far enough off the exterior wall to create a “wall cavity” behind the siding.

What does Ipe stand for?

Ipe is not an abbreviation. Rather, it’s the common name of Tabebuia serratifolia, a tropical hardwood lumber specie. The correct pronunciation is “EE-pay”. Other common names for ipe include Brazilian walnut and ironwood. The ipe tree is native to South America.

How do you clean Ipe siding?

Wash your Ipe wood surfaces with a nylon bristle brush or soft towel and Penofin® Pro-Tech Wood Cleaner to remove surface dirt, scrubbing in the same directions as the grain of the wood, then rinse off with water. Once complete allow to dry. In a pinch, you may use mild dish soap, then rinse clean with water.

Why is a rainscreen recommended for wood or engineered wood siding?

Wood siding particularly benefits from a rainscreen, such as our Slicker Rainscreen System, to provide drainage as well as ample space for air circulation to help keep the back of the cladding dry. Vinyl material tends to be very durable, and its plastic content helps with waterproofing.

What is cedar rainscreen?

Rainscreen- Slicker & Slicker HP Slicker is a standard rainscreen which provide moisture protection for your home/building. It works in conjunction with a housewrap or weather resistant barrier to protect your cladding from problems associated with moisture.

Is a rain screen worth it?

So, the reason you might want a rainscreen on your new house is to help manage moisture and protect our house from water damage. A rainscreen helps to keep the sheathing and the back of exterior siding dry when they get soaked with rain. The rain screen gap also allows moisture to evaporate.