What is shock absorber?

What is shock absorber?

The aim of Shock Absorber is to be the leading innovators of sports bras and has, therefore, entered into a partnership with researchers from University of Portsmouth, which is a world-leading university in the field of researching the effects training can have on women’s breasts.

Why choose shock absorber Infinity Power bra?

Info: Infinity Power Bra is the first sports bra from Shock Absorber to offer complete bounce control with 100% freedom of movement. This model is inspired and created from customers’ needs and demands and designed to ensure your breasts are kept in place whenever you are doing sport.

Which shock absorber bra has won the most awards?

Julie’s opinion: “The Ultimate Run Bra is the Shock Absorber bra that has received the most awards. And I truly understand why. Because the extra closure and the functional Infinity-8 system, which cancels out the breasts eight different movements, really deliver an incredible support.