What is step puzzle?

What is step puzzle?

Step Puzzle. Step Puzzle is the russian manufacturing company of puzzles and children educational games. At the heart of our business is the principle of granting qualitative production at the low price.

Who was the first American collector of Russian art?

Already a seasoned collector of French decorative arts, Post became a pioneer collector of Russian art while living in the Soviet Union with her third husband, ambassador to the Soviet Union Joseph E. Davies, in the 1930s.

What happened to the Soviet Union’s art treasures?

From the 1920s, the Soviet Union had been selling off many of the art treasures it had confiscated from the church, the imperial family, and the aristocracy in an effort to fund the new government’s industrialization plan.

What is the largest collection of Russian art outside of Russia?

Finding the imperial porcelain, silver, enamels, and glass perfectly suited to her taste for the beautiful and finely crafted, Post laid the foundation for a lifetime of collecting—ultimately assembling the largest collection of Russian imperial art outside of Russia.