What is the best deal on SiriusXM?

What is the best deal on SiriusXM?

Initially, the best deal is three months for free. Then you’ll be offered a basic $21.99/mo service. That works out to be $16.49 per month for 12 months. From there, it’s up to you to ask for a discount when you’re on the line with customer service.

How can I get a discount on XM radio?

To get a discounted rate, find out when your subscription is expiring and set a note to yourself to call Sirius a few days before your service ends. Call and tell SiriusXM you cannot afford the full rate and so must cancel. Usually you’ll get an offer to continue at a discount, half price or less.

How much is a SiriusXM lifetime subscription?

A lifetime subscription is a package provided by Sirius XM, which costs up to $400. According to the company, this plan allows users to get access to their services during the entire lifetime of the initially installed device.

What is Sirius platinum?

The Platinum VIP Plan lets you listen in up to 2 cars and on the SXM App, so you can enjoy all of the great SiriusXM content below whenever and wherever you choose.

How do I know if my Sirius subscription is lifetime?

To determine whether your Lifetime Subscription is active or inactive as of June 5, 2020, please go to the Settlement Website at www.LifetimeSiriusXMSettlement.com and use the account lookup tool on the landing page of the website, email the Settlement Administrator at [email protected], or call the …

Can you still get lifetime Sirius subscription?

If the Lifetime Subscription you purchased is, according to Sirius XM’s records, as of June 5, 2020, no longer associated with a satellite radio that was activated to receive service from Sirius XM according to Sirius XM’s records, then you have an “inactive” Lifetime Subscription.

Does SiriusXM offer any discounts to military personnel?

Does SiriusXM offer any discounts to military personnel? Yes, Sirius XM Radio Military Discount does give discounts to veterans or military personnel. If you’re an active-duty military member or a veteran, you are eligible for hundreds of Sirius XM Radio Military Discount military discounts to purchase your favorite items.

What is a good deal for SiriusXM?

425+channels to stream on your devices with the SXM App

  • If you want to listen in your car,you’ll need your phone
  • Ad-free music for every genre&decade plus artist-created channels
  • Original talk,podcasts,exclusive comedy&news from every angle
  • NFL,MLB®,NBA,NHL®,and NCAA® play-by-play,NASCAR®,plus the biggest names in sports talk
  • Does SiriusXM offer senior discounts in California?

    Siriusxm Discounts For Seniors Siriusxm Discounts For Seniors Advertisement A Simple Tactic to Save 75% on Sirius XM Radio Subscriptions trend wallethacks.com SiriusXM 25% Military Discount. If you are military personnel, which includes veterans, retirees, active duty, and reserves; you can get a 25% military discount.

    How to negotiate SiriusXM price for best deal?

    SiriusXM Select:$5/month for 12 months for 140+channels,then goes to$15.99/month.

  • Premier Streaming: This one isn’t for your car,it’s streaming to your computer or phone.
  • SiriusXM All Access:$8.25/month for 12 months for both streaming and in the car,then goes to$20.99/month.