What is the ecoregion index used for?

What is the ecoregion index used for?

Index periods are used to standardize sampling during the most stable flow periods of the year to minimize variation in the biological communities being sampled.

What are ecoregion levels?

Ecoregions are areas where ecosystems (and the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources) are generally similar.

What are the 6 main ecoregions in Arkansas?


  • 1 35 South Central Plains.
  • 2 36 Ouachita Mountains.
  • 3 37 Arkansas Valley.
  • 4 38 Boston Mountains.
  • 5 39 Ozark Highlands.
  • 6 73 Mississippi Alluvial Plain.
  • 7 74 Mississippi Valley Loess Plains.
  • 8 Notes.

How many ecoregions are in Texas?

10 natural regions
Generally, Texas is divided into 10 natural regions or ecoregions: the Piney Woods, the Gulf Prairies and marshes, the Post Oak Savanah, the Blackland Prairies, the Cross Timbers, the South Texas Plains, the Edwards Plateau, the Rolling Plains, the High Plains, and the Trans-Pecos.

What is an example of a ecoregion?

Ecoregions are defined by soil type, climate, temperature, precipitation and other characteristics. For example, temperate broadleaf and mixed forest can be found as far north as Maine and as far south as Louisiana. Typical species include sugar maple, American beech, basswood, oaks and hickories.

What are the types of ecoregion?

Ecoregions are classified by biome type, which are the major global plant communities determined by rainfall and climate. Forests, grasslands (including savanna and shrubland), and deserts (including xeric shrublands) are distinguished by climate (tropical and subtropical vs.

What 3 things help determine ecoregions?

The three things that help to determine the ecoregion are the geology, climate, and soils. Geomorphology, vegetation cover, hydrology and human modification of the land are also the factors to identify the ecoregions. Ecoregions have a geographically clear collection of natural communities in an area of land or water.

What is the difference between biomes and ecoregions?

Marine biomes are most influenced by depth, nutrient availability, and temperature. The natural landscapes of Canada are divided into biophysical regions known as ecozones—15 terrestrial and five marine. In turn, the ecozones are divided into smaller units known as ecoregions.

Which states have regions and ecoregions?

50 states

Realm Biome Ecoregion
Nearctic Boreal forests/taiga Interior Alaska–Yukon lowland taiga
Nearctic Deserts and xeric shrublands Chihuahuan desert
Nearctic Deserts and xeric shrublands Chihuahuan Desert
Nearctic Deserts and xeric shrublands Chihuahuan Desert

What are the 4 ecosystems of Arkansas?

Subdividing the Eastern Temperate Forests, Arkansas is split among three Level II ecoregions: the Southeastern Plains, Ozark, Ouachita, Appalachian Forests, and the Mississippi Alluvial and Southeast USA Coastal Plains.